REVIEW: Gaston’s Tavern at the Magic Kingdom Introduces Sandwiches Roughly The Size of A Barge

New at Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, guests will find two rather large sandwiches.

One is a Ham, Brie, and Grain Mustard, while the other features Turkey, Swiss, and Cranberry Aioli.

Both, come with chips, and for some reason, you can get a bag of Babybel cheese to make this a lunch you could actually have at home. The stickers on the sandwiches may look familiar as they are those found on the Lefou’s Brew souvenir cups.

Ham, Brie and Grain Mustard Sandwich – $9.99

If you really must have a pre-packaged sandwich at Walt Disney World, you can do much worse than either of these, which is not what I expected to say in this review. Sure, it’s just Hormel cold cuts in a sandwich, but I will say they at least tried to do things that Disney normally wouldn’t on these pre-packaged-type items, such as this spicy mustard or the aioli on the sandwich below.

The mustard was quite spicy, adding a nice flavor. The rest was enjoyable enough. This could be the best the best grab-and-go sandwich at your nearest airport!

Smoked Turkey, Swiss and Cranberry Aïoli Sandwich – $9.99

I’m more of a turkey sandwich guy myself, and this was made quite pleasant thanks to the cranberry aioli. These sandwiches are very large and have a lot of bread, so you may want to think about sharing them if you do actually order them (for some reason). They also have the Lay’s potato chips included, just in case you are somehow still hungry.

Again, I’m not sure why you would get this when you can have something more interesting like loaded tots and probably experience a shorter wait elsewhere. A prepackaged sandwich isn’t ideal, even if you look at the Magic Kingdom as a theme park and only expect run-of-the-mill theme park food. A quick jaunt to a few other counter service locations will yield better results, but again, these weren’t the worst sandwiches I’ve ever had and they’re a lot for $9.99.

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2 years ago

The reason you get Babybel cheese is that Babybel is sponsoring the new Toy Story Land at DHS. If you look at the theming of the food area of Toy Story Land, you will notice prominent Babybel cheese wheels included in the lunchbox theming of that building. I assume that in addition to that, Babybel will get featured all over the parks for stepping up and doing that sponsorship. Hence the inclusion here.

2 years ago

or roughly the size for your average American.

2 years ago

I’ll still never forgive them for taking away the pork shank. :'(

Naida Beguhl
2 years ago

wow just wow