TRON: Legacy Lightcycle LEGO Set Coming Soon

The Reimagine TRON Legacy Lego set, releasing March 31.
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LEGO is releasing a TRON: Legacy set that includes three new minifigures and two Light Cycles.

The 230 piece set includes Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Rinzler minifigures, as well as an orange and blue Light Cycle. Each bike includes light streams for an added effect, and functioning seats for the figures.

The Reimagine TRON Legacy Lego set, releasing March 31.


For those looking to simply build this set and put it on display, a grid base is also included, which can be separated into two parts and hold each Light Cycle.

The grid for the TRON: Legacy LEGO set.

Also included in the set is Quorra’s sword, as well as her and Flynn’s blue Identity discs, and Rinzler’s orange Identity discs. The discs can attached to the backs of each minifigure.

Sam Flynn LEGO minifigure for TRON: Legacy set.

The included instructional manual for the set contains information about the set’s fan creator and LEGO designer. Additionally, the manual has details on the world and characters of TRON: Legacy.

The box art for TRON: Legacy LEGO set.

The TRON: Legacy LEGO set is set to release on March 31, but at this time, it is oddly not available for pre-order in North America on the LEGO website.