AT D23 EXPO 2017, DISNEY PARKS CHAIRMAN BOB CHAPEK ANNOUNCES NEW TRON-THEMED ATTRACTION COMING TO MAGIC KINGDOM PARK Ð Disney Parks Chairman Bob Chapek announces during D23 Expo the most popular attraction at Shanghai Disneyland is coming to Walt Disney World Resort. A thrilling, Tron-themed attraction will be added in a new area near Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom.

VIDEO: TRON Lightcycle Power Run Coaster Construction Now Visible from Inside the Magic Kingdom

If you walk the path between Storybook Circus and Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom (which is sadly still a smoking area), you can now see a fair amount of the land clearing and such related to the upcoming TRON Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster.

There are some trees and shrubs in the way, but at several points (if you look beyond them), you can see the cleared plot and barriers set up in the water. It’s also interesting to now be able to see a monorail beam from within Storybook Circus.

Sadly, this is the best view we could provide without obnoxiously holding up traffic on the backstage road behind the Magic Kingdom (which we don’t recommend), but we expect to be able to see the actual ride construction from inside the park once that begins in a few months.


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