BREAKING: Park Guests No Longer Able To Transfer FastPasses at Walt Disney World Following Recent App Update

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In a recent update to the My Disney Experience app released earlier this week, we noticed that it was no longer possible to transfer FastPasses between guests. There always was the option to “Change Party” which would let you assign the Fastpasses to someone else on your friend list. Now, the only option available is to “Add Guests.” Originally, we thought this might be a bug, but according to an internal document at Disney, this is an intended new feature of the app.

Going forward, guests will no longer be able to transfer FastPasses they book from one person to another. Instead, you’ll be able to add more guests to your FastPass (pending availability) or cancel the FastPass completely. The option to “Change Party” is no longer offered. Currently on, you can still utilize the feature of “Change Party,” but we’ve been informed that this won’t last long and will soon change to the same functionality as the My Disney Experience app.


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  • What happens if you just don’t update your app. My apps don’t auto-update and so I still see Change Party as an option. I guess at some point it will just stop working?

  • could that be, Because people were Charging for fast pass? kinda like the Restaurant reservations?

  • If there is a way to make the experience less user friendly for their customers, Disney finds it.

  • What is the problem? You can exchange the Magic band. On a recent trip we made reservations on Expedition Everest for the whole family (4), as my wife and my oldest son (11 years old) did not like that ride, we got my daughter (9 years old) and I, when We finished, we exchanged the Magic Band and ride again.

    • Get caught doing that and you will be trespassed from WDW parks and resorts. They forbid this and consider use of changing bands for attractions the same as entry. Plus, you have to have admission to the same park, same day for the band/card to be active.

      • No – they don’t . . . . And you won’t find a single report on the boards about anyone who has gotten in trouble for doing what he said. What they did was lock an account if a band that wasn’t used for admission was used. No one has been kicked out of a park for switching a magic band with a family member in the park with them.

        • She is actually absolutely correct. The use of a MagicBand is non-transferable just like the use of a ticket. If people are caught doing this, they can absolutely be removed from the park. Simply because you haven’t heard it happen to someone doesn’t mean that that isn’t the policy.

          Beyond that it is also incredibly unethical, but that is a personal choice, I suppose.

          • how is changing bands with a family member unethical? selling it, yes, but a family member who possibly changed their mind to ride something and allowing someone else to experience the ride affects no one.

          • What does moral correctness have to do with using something your family member decides they don’t want to use?

          • CMs don’t care if you swap out bands with somebody in the park already. And it isn’t unethical in the least, because you’re not tying up an additional FP slot…just letting someone else use it.

          • I’ll tell you right now that Concierges have SUGGESTED swapping bands in the park to double ride if someone chickens out. It’s really only an issue if you are trying to swap PRIOR to entering… Believe me it is NOT a trespassing or removable offense.

          • I would NEVER take advise from a concierge or front of the line cast member who isn’t security or in ticketing. It is a removable offense. We had visitors in town swap fast pass ticket, and they were asked to leave for the day, no refund. They were told if left quietly they could return another day with a new ticket. If they wanted you to swap, they’d let you, and on the point of this article, I believe it’s a shame Disney has stopped allowing it on the app. They really go out of their way to make the WDW parks unfriendly to guests.

        • Actually, in the state of Florida you can be ARRESTED for transferring ticket, even for fast pass, with up to 5 years in jail. Check the records, Disney has exercised their right to kick people out of parks and have them arrested for this daily. I worked as a CM in security, we did it every day of the year. Mostly people trying to use resold tickets, but we trespassed many for intentionally changing passes in park if caught.

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