PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 4/8/18 (Trams, New Parking Structure, Star Wars)

The Disneyland Resort has been tasked with a lot of construction work these past few months. From the Pinocchio lot being demolished to make way for a new parking structure, to the Trams being re-routed. Let’s take a look at all this construction!


Starwars Construct 32818

More mountains are taking shape in the distance.

Starwars 8 Construct 32818 Starwars 7 Construct 32818

More steel bars have been added.

Starwars 5 Construct 32818 Starwars 4 Construct 32818

What could these white bucket-shaped things be used for?

Starwars 3 Construct 32818 Starwars Construct 32818

Pinocchio parking lot construct 32818

Construction along the trams loading area…

Trams Consctuct 32818

The trams loading area has been moved to inside the main parking structure due to all the construction.

Pinocchio parking lot 7 construct 32818

Going down the escalators, you can see all the construction for the new parking structure where the Pinocchio lot once was. RIP Pinocchio lot, you were loved.

Pinocchio parking lot 2 construct 32818Pinocchio parking lot 5 construct 32818

It’s rumored this new parking structure will be finished before Galaxy’s Edge opens; do you think Disney can pull this together?

Pinocchio parking lot 3 construct 32818Pinocchio parking lot 6 construct 32818Trams conscruct 32818

Due to construction, the Trams have been re-routed to go through the main parking structure.

Trams construct 32818tram Security 32818

Not only have the Trams been impacted from construction, security has also! Security has been moved to the inside of the parking structure.

Tram security 2 32818 Tram security 3 22818Tram secutiry 4 32818Tram Construct 4 32818

Leaving the parking structure, you can still see construction walls all around the tram loading area.

Spitsville Building 2 32818

After weeks of Splitsville not being 100% done, the backside of the building is finally done.

Splitsville building 32818 Splitsville Building 4 32818 Splitsville Building 5 32818

Scaffolding can be seen from the trams after passing Splitsville, what could these be for?

Downtown Construct 2 Disneyland 32818

The backside of Naples is still undergoing major construction, but from the looks of it, it’ll all be worth it!

Downtown Construct Disneyland 32818

With construction lasting more than just weeks, how do you feel about it?

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  1. It seems like I have to catch the tram at a different location every time I go to Disneyland lol.

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