BREAKING: Test Footage of the Millennium Falcon Attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Last week we told you about Disney showcasing some of the technology that is being used to create the CGI for the upcoming Millennium Falcon attraction at the GPU Technology Conference 2018. Today, we got our hands on video recorded at the panel at that conference, showing test ride footage of the Millennium Falcon attraction, coming to Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019. We’re super excited to be the first to bring this to you.

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  1. So, OK, all video screen based, as suspected ?
    Disney definitively lowering itself towards Universal standards ?

    1. I don’t get this argument? “Lowering itself?” There are some of us who enjoy screen based rides. Yes, universal has most of their rides screen based, so i would never want WDW to follow suit, but I dont see how adding a screen based ride is ‘lowering itself’ And wouldn’t Flight of Passage be considered a ‘screen ride’ and yet it has amazing reviews and hour-long waits.

      If anything, bringing in more off the shelf carnival spinners—like Aliens in TSLand is gong to be—and passing it off as an anchor attraction is ‘lower’ then creating a graphics intense screen ride.

      1. Yes of course, I was not speaking about all the TRASH rides (which were smashed down in every corner under Eisner.)
        Just saying that Disney is loosing their way from what their REAL strenght was : unique real-reality attractions. They lower themselves, to something which was started by Universal.
        (I’m not interested in Flight of Passage either. Very sorry about that…)
        In the meanwhile, ‘Symbolica’ got a Thea award, the attraction described before by so many experts in the themed industry as: “Stupefying that the only top notch real-reality darkride of the year 2017, on classic high Disney detail level and with animatroniics, was not built by Disney but by Efteling.”

        Description from Thea awards :
        Symbolica: The Palace of Fantasy, de Efteling, Netherlands (Attraction) – A world-class dark ride displaying excellence and innovative storytelling with intimate detail: stunning attention to artistry, imagination, old-world craftsmanship, fluid animatronics, interactive, themed trackless vehicles, and everything one sees and hears. Guests tour the castle of King Pardulfus of Hartenhof. The experience follows the guest after they leave the ride, via interactive cellphone technology.

        1. Giwreh- Have you actually experienced the Flights of Passage ride? I ask this because I was not interested at first either, and now it is the highlight of my time spent in Animal Kingdom (using a fast-pass of course, because anything else is just insanity)! I know that there is always the argument that the animals in Avatar are not real, so why be impressed with it when you can see hundreds of other live animals in that same park, but Disney has created a way to make you feel as if you are actually riding one of these amazing creatures from the imagination of James Cameron. And that is something you will NEVER get to do on a live animal in Animal Kingdom!

    2. Missing the big picture here. The fact is that the scene is not pre-rendered as it is on Star Tours (It assembles prerendered scenes), Soarin and FoP is the REALLY innovative part. WDI said your actions on this ride determine the outcome (unlike Mission Space) so it looks like that has been confirmed with this.

      This ride is built upon what is called Unreal Engine 4. Which is a popular engine that many video games run on (Such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Watchdogs for example). This will be a giant video game, but it will be something you cannot experience at home on your couch.

    3. Universal has far surpassed Disney in trying to provide a better experience. Disney is behind the curve by 2 theme parks at least. Mostly have been building hotels and stores.

  2. My initial fear for this attraction is starting to be a reality… this certainly seems like just a “new” version of Star Tours. Until I see something different, tough to think otherwise. HUGE disappointment.

    1. YES !! … :-)
      I heared an insider story, some 6-7 months ago,
      saying that it would be “all screens based”,
      with some (one? .. more could not be pinned down for sure) animatronic …
      Ok, where. Preshow, is such a case. ??

      Source : a son of a famous imagineer .. :-) He had not seen anything, he heared his father tell those things.
      End source :-)

    2. Except for the most AVID geeks of now money laundering over substance Star Wars Franchise, Star Wars Land will be a downgrade from the Stunt show that it replaces. But, that’s not the point. Star Wars Land will sell more merchandise. that’s the only reason it’s coming, right? It was never meant to be fun for customers.

  3. Just what I want to do. Go to Disney and play a video game. I really hope the final render quality on the output is better because this doesn’t exactly “wow” me.

    1. I totally agree Brian.. the graphics definitely look like a video game, which is not encouraging to me. I await with very cautious optimism

  4. …and just like with Avatar everyone in the Disney Fanclub community is going to bitch and whine and moan for years leading up to it, then when it opens and it’s way better than they thought it was going to be, they are going to have to eat their words.

    1. I doubt it. Avatar had James Cameron behind it with his minimum standards (WAY higher than Disney Parks these days). Star Wars land built to sell toys and merchandise. Stunt show it replaced also too expensive to run. None of this about a good time.

  5. Sorry ya’ll i am so untechy…….so would i expect this to be like Star Tours, where you sit and everything is done for you or are you controlling something on this one??

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