PHOTO REPORT: ‘Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port’ Restaurant Transforms Into ‘Alien Pizza Planet’ at Disneyland

Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port quick service restaurant in Tomorrowland has transformed for Pixar Fest! Yesterday, we gave you a review of the new menu items, and now we’ll take a look around!

Alien Pizza Planet will take over the location for a limited time during Pixar Fest, so for now, a banner covers the building’s “Redd Rockett’s” sign.

Toy Aliens wait for you at the entrance! 

The menu signs on the exterior and interior have changed to “Alien Pizza Planet.” Unfortunately, the part of the menu we wish had changed (the food) has not! Stay tuned for our full review tomorrow.

These familiar logos can be found throughout the restaurant.

New menu items and merchandise are available during Pixar Fest!

The posters on the walls have changed to Toy Story’s iconic toy Aliens showcasing pizza ingredients.

Looking up, toy Aliens are flying through the Pizza Planet universe!