PHOTOS: Projection Domes Installed inside Millennium Falcon Ride at Galaxy’s Edge

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Hollywood Studios is ramping-up construction on Galaxy’s Edge and doing some serious work. Entering Hollywood Studios from the southern entry puts you right along the back of Galaxy’s Edge, giving a great vantage point to the back of the massive show buildings. This past week we noticed the projection domes installed inside of the Millennium Falcon ride while entering the park. Although difficult to capture, we have an image showing the tops of these MASSIVE domes.

We highlighted the dome, making it easier to view through our images. It’s much more apparent in person.

Early this month we received video from an early alpha test of the attraction that was previewed in March at a conference. During this conference the team mentions that there is a dome that will be projected onto that is outside of the actual vehicle for the attraction.

We imagine it will mimic Forbidden Journey at Universal with a rotating carousel idea. This image below is from how the Forbidden Journey attraction projection carousels work at Universal. The ride vehicle travels into the dome and travels in a circle with it as it rotates.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Projection Dome Carousel Schematics

More recently we received imagery from Disneyland’s progress on Galaxy’s Edge from March. We have photos from late 2017 that shows the concrete structure of the attraction, pictured below.

Even earlier you can see a carousel foundation clearly in this imagery.

The OCRegister has a great article with diagrams about Galaxy’s Edge, including this graphic detailing how we anticipate the Millennium Falcon attraction will work. The installation of these domes all but confirms everything we’ve anticipated about the attraction.


Disney is being VERY quiet on Galaxy’s Edge, giving specific information sporadically. Are you excited for the Millennium Falcon ride? Are you excited for the other battle escape ride? We’re very excited ourselves and seeing more and more constructed just continues to build that excitement. Stay tuned to WDWNT as we bring you coverage of this upcoming land.

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  • I’m personally not waiting at all, for an “all media based attraction”.
    It’s (whatever the “high software tech” would be involved in) , “Disney unworthy”. Leave the stuff to Universal, and concentrate on real materialising adventures, THAT’s what Disney was pioneering & excelling in. And if Disney discontinues doing what is/was their core strenght, the ONLY comparison which will remain, is with Universal. As pityfull follower, and never-ever going to win that ridiculous battle… not even with Star Wars :-)
    In the meanwhile, Efteling is picking up the thread of amazing real-reality darkrides, where Disney is dropping them..

    • This may be true and I agree about not liking all media based staterooms, however one glance at Efteling’s website shows the content and subject matters/storylines of their dark rides are taken straight from Disney’s existing ones, including haunted mansion, pirates, small world, jungle cruise, and Hong Kong Disneyland’s mystic manor. When Efteling comes up with their own unique content for dark rides, then I’ll listen…

      • … Disney is not even producing content themselves anymore, they buy it in from Pixar, FOX (Avatar etc), Lucasfilm (Star Wars etc), Marvel ….
        It’s not because Disney is “the biggest money heap” , that Disney itself is still the shining light.
        If the creativity as an absolute measured number would be divided by the capital spent, the end result would be very thin, when compared with little independent companies out there in the world right now. :-)

  • I’m curious about how involved the guest roles will be on this ride.. esp. kids. A 6 year old flying the Falcon might end in a bumpy landing lol

  • I was excited about this ride until you said forbidden journey. I can ride a lot of rides… every time I ride Forbidden Journey…I want to barf….makes me so sick.

    • From what I read in the article, it seems like the way the screens are placed is what makes it similar- not the arm vehicle. At least I hope so!

  • Amusing :-)
    (obvious censorship, my reply to SJames, if anyone counters anything ‘Disney’ :-) )

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