REVIEW: ABC Commissary Fires Up New Features for Lunch

ABC Commissary is a quick service location located on appropriately named Commissary Lane in Hollywood Studios. Their menu recently had some changes, so we decided to stop by and see how things have been. Take note this review is for LUNCH. For dinner, steak fries are served in place of the shoestring fries. They’re much tastier and worth holding your hunger for.

Chicken Breast Strips – Served with your choice of fresh Green Beans, Apple Slices or French Fries – $9.49

A variety of dipping sauces sit behind the food boat so you can get an idea of how big this meal actually is. These were originally only on the kid’s menu and on a SECRET MENU as an adult portion. Now they’re readily available for lunch and dinner. You receive numerous pieces of well-prepared chicken strips which are basically larger incarnations of the unbiquitous nuggets. We really enjoy them, so much to the point where we’ve gone out of our way to ensure a meal here.

Shrimp, Fish, and Chicken Platter – Served with Steak Fries and Coleslaw – $15.99

At nearly sixteen dollars, this is one of the most expensive quick service entrees at Hollywood Studios. Similar to Columbia Harbor House’s “we fried everything we could find in the kitchen” challenge….erm, the Land and Sea Trio, but $2 more expensive. It’s a little unnecessary, the chicken tenders meal is more than enough food for anyone and is $6 less. If you’re in the market for seafood it’s one of the only quick service options at the studios, but still doesn’t warrant the price tag.

Chicken Club – Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast served on a Kaiser Roll topped with Bacon and Provolone Cheese served with Coleslaw and a choice of Green Beans, Apple Slices or French Fries – $10.99

A little better than your typical grilled chicken entree at most quick service locations, but still virtually inedible. The chicken has a great marinade but suffers from being cooked and left to sit in a warmer for who knows how long. If the cheese had been melted and the bacon a little crispier, we could easily give this one a pass and recommend it as a good option that isn’t fried. You can do better for a non-fried item, like the 7-Layer Rice Bowl at Fairfax Fare.

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