REVIEW: New Banana Maple Cake Dessert at Flame Tree Barbecue, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Flame Tree Barbecue is located on Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, on your left as you head towards Dinoland U.S.A. Flame Tree Barbecue has been around since the opening of the theme park and continually supplied smoked meats to the masses. We really didn’t enjoy our visit a little over a year ago, but did mention that the spicy barbecue sauce was the one saving grace of the restaurant. Never did we pin this as a spot to get a great dessert, but recently they added a Banana Maple Cake to the menu, so we figured we would give it a shot.

Banana Maple Cake – $4.99

For as good as it sounded, this was a tremendous disappointment. The Animal Kingdom is now presenting a lot of these “gelatinous desserts” of a similar style, from Satuli Canteen to the new Safari Cake at Harambe Market. This isn’t much different in texture from those, but it lacks nearly any flavor and the red/orange coating presents an unflattering yellow hue on your teeth after you eat it. The texture is also a little off-putting, with a thickness and slimy coating over-powering the cake portion somehow.

I would not order this under any circumstances.

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Ryan J.
Ryan J.
2 years ago

We had this at AK and agree with the review. Cheap, artificial tasking desert, and they really have cut back on the quality of the chicken and other stuff at Flame Tree too. The park was overrun with people, a mob scene. My wife and I left after this desert with last taste in mouth feeling “Man, Disney really has dropped the ball and with this many people, just has no reason to care, and they don’t anymore” They just build more hotels and sales points, and cut quality and service. No wonder they are running the specials for residents… Read more »