REVIEW: Pixar Caramel Apples Debut for PIXAR FEST

New at the Disneyland Resort: Pixar-themed caramel apples, available exclusively for Pixar Fest!

These delectable treats are made to celebrate Pixar’s Fest celebration of friendship and togetherness.

During Pixar Fest, 3 pairs of Pixar characters will be available at one of 3 locations throughout the Disneyland Resort.

Inside Disneyland park at the Candy Palace you will find caramel apple ‘Toy Story’ characters Buttercup The Unicorn and The Green Space Aliens.

Buttercup Caramel Apples

The Green Alien Caramel Apples are already proving to be a quick seller!

Over in California Adventure at Trolley Treats, you will find caramel apple characters Lightning McQueen and Mater from ‘Cars’.

Lightning McQueen

Tow Mater

Mater is the only caramel apple that is not dipped in white chocolate after the caramel coat. Instead, Mater is dipped in milk chocolate.
The third location for Pixar caramel apple characters is in Downtown Disney at Marceline’s Confectionery.

Nemo and Dory can be found here. Or is that Marlin?

On the shelves at Marceline’s Confectionary

You can ask for your caramel apple to be packaged to go for an easy trip home. Caramel apples travel well. If you plan on enjoying your apple in the parks, ask a cast member to slice your caramel apple for easy eating!

Layers of delicious caramel, white chocolate and sugar.

Share a Pixar caramel apple pair with a friend before this exclusive treat is gone!


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