REVIEW: Pixar Fest ‘Up’ Menu at Carnation Cafe, Disneyland Park

Pixar Fest has brought so many new menu items to the Disneyland Resort! In Disneyland, Carnation Café is known for its timeless charm, delicious food and its one of a kind dining location right on Main Street, U.S.A. Advanced dining reservations are required.

During Pixar Fest, two new entrée items are available to order during lunch or dinner at Carnation Café. The new entrées are inspired by Disney Pixar’s Up. Carnation Café’s longstanding reputation and my love for Up had me greatly anticipating these creative plates, made to recreate the main character Mr. Fredricksen’s favorite meals! Let’s start with the runner-up of the two entrees.

FRIED BOLOGNA SANDWICH $13.00, plus tax.

This dish was surprisingly good! Once the waiter described this sandwich to taste like a ‘hotdog sandwich’ I started to worry. Then again, I am a hot dog fan! The sandwich itself was quite large, and packed full, with a thick slice of fried bologna, lettuce, tomato, pickle on toasted Pullman loaf with a Dijon aioli spread.

After my first bite, I realized that the Dijon aioli was quite strong and overpowering the rest of my sandwich. After removing some excess aioli (there was a lot of excess!) the sandwich flavors balanced very well together. If you are a mustard and pickle fan, this is the sandwich for you! The bologna was not over cooked; it was grilled nicely and was flavorful. This sandwich definitely had a ‘hot dog’ taste to it, with the bologna, aioli and pickle combination. It was fun to eat and reminded me of a ‘hot dog BLT’. This sandwich pleasantly surprised me! The french fries were nicely seasoned with a light Cajun flavor and served piping hot with a side of ketchup. They did not last long.

PORK CHOP TV DINNER $23.00, plus tax.

This dish was the clear winner of the two. Just look at that fun presentation! This dish charmingly mirrors a classic tv dinner plate with divided entrees. Don’t worry, this plate is ceramic, not plastic, and was certainly NOT heated in a microwave! This dish comes with an apple spiced pork chop, topped with cooked apple bits, resting on a bed of mashed potatoes with bacon bits and apple spiced gravy. Sides include peas and carrots, a molten lava chocolate cake slice and cornbread with butter. I loved this dish! The pork chop was cooked perfectly, tender, juicy and sliced easily. The apple-spiced gravy and apple bits were a perfect flavor accompaniment for the pork. Cinnamon, warm apples and savory gravy worked perfectly with the pork and bacon mashed potatoes. All topped with fresh chives! Heaven!

The sides in the dish were all a hit. The creative ‘tv dinner’ plating served up nicely-sized portions for each of the side items. The peas and carrots were lightly, yet appropriately, seasoned with pepper, served freshly steamed. Not your typical microwaved ‘tv dinner’ veggies, as these hearty vegetables were a perfect side to this meal. The cornbread was soft and flavorful topped with a creamy butter and it was very yummy! I have saved the best for last: the molten lava chocolate cake. After slicing the cake in half, out poured gooey, velvety, warm chocolate. This chocolate cake meant business! The cake had a similar taste to a flourless chocolate cake, with strong natural cocoa flavors. I absolutely loved the warm oozing cocoa tasting chocolate bursting out of the warm cake. Amazing ending to this well-rounded plate!

The Fried Bologna Sandwich is a full meal at a great price. If you are a hotdog or bologna fan and love sandwiches, then definitely give this dish a try! The Pork Chop TV Dinner is a “can’t miss”! This unique meal has it all, a hearty main course, delicious sides and a dessert you don’t want to skip all in one divided plate. For the price, I would definitely say that this meal is a deal, and holds up the Carnation Café reputation for making delicious, sizeable and affordable meals.

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