REVIEW: Pizzafari Adds Shrimp Flatbread and Cannoli Cake in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Pizzafari is a quick service located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. As the name states, this is a pizza restaurant, so you can find a regular pizza here for the picky eater in your party. We stopped in after seeing a Cannoli Cake was added to the menu. Our past experiences with Cannolis on property haven’t been… ideal, but we hoped for the best. There’s also a new shrimp flatbread that we checked out, so let’s dive in and see how things are.



Shrimp Flatbread – Served with Small Caesar Salad – $13.49

All of Pizzafari’s entrees come with not only the pizza, but a small Caesar salad, which hikes the price up a bit. Unfortunately, the salad we received was swimming in dressing and virtually inedible. The flatbread, on the other hand, was pretty decent. Pizzafari used to have all flatbread on the menu until they switched back mainstays to a regular pizza format. Whenever they add a new specialty flatbread there’s an urge of caution, especially after the cheeseburger flatbread a few years ago. The shrimp flatbread arrived with a large portion of arugula on top, covering red peppers, chopped shrimp, cheese and a pesto sauce. We felt the shrimp was really good and marinated well, but it felt like there were only 5 shrimp that were chopped into smaller pieces and then randomly put around the flatbread. Everything works well together, including the pesto and peppers, and the flatbread is pretty tasty, we just can’t validate the $13.49 price tag.


Cannoli Cake – $4.99

Regrets were had. The Cannoli Cake appeared to have been sitting in a refrigerator for about 20 years before being served, giving the cannoli plenty of time to soak up any moistness around it. I can’t think of a time when I wanted a moist cannoli. You typically expect a crisp exterior and a nice bite of chocolate. None of this existed, and we didn’t even get to the cake yet. There’s a layer of chocolate on top that, again, has the gelatinous consistency of other recent desserts at DAK. The middle layer is a chalky ricotta mess that tastes like a watery cheese, and the bottom chocolate layer was just as you expect. Spend your $5 on a better treat in Animal Kingdom, like the Malva Cake Sundae in Harambe.

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