REVIEW: Three-Flavored Spicy Corn Dog at Corn Dog Castle for Pixar Fest

This weekend, Disneyland Resort launched Pixar Fest in both theme parks. This celebration includes the brand new fireworks spectacular, Together Forever at Disneyland park. Also at Disneyland, Pixar Play Parade has moved across the Esplanade including the addition of Luxo Jr., characters from Up and Inside Out. At Disney California Adventure, they have debuted the Pixar Shorts Film Festival in the Sunset Showcase Theater, as well as the return of the incredibly popular Paint the Night nighttime parade.  But out of all the things debuted this weekend, the biggest addition is food.

Over at Corn Dog Castle at Disney California Adventure park, they have debuted a brand new food item for Pixar Fest. This is the Three-Flavored Corn Dog. This new food item is themed to celebrate the DisneyPixar Film, The Incredibles. Now let’s get to the actual corn dog itself. It’s very inventive. Inside this corn dog is three sections of different types of food. The first section is a hot link corn dog, the second section is pepper jack cheese, and the third and final section is a cajun chicken sausage, and is served with a blackberry serrano chile sauce.

This was my favorite new food item of all the Pixar Fest new food offerings. Now, I am normally not a person who likes very spicy things, but I wanted to see how this corn dog would fare with someone like me. This was a spicy corn dog. The hotlink in the first section is the same hotlink that is in the Hot Link Corn Dog at this same location. It was incredibly delicious. The next part of this corn dog was my favorite.  The pepper jack cheese inside of this corn dog was fantastic. The combination of the batter fried just perfectly on the outside and the cheese made for an incredible taste. The next part was the Cajun chicken sausage. This was my least favorite of the corn dog. The casing of the chicken sausage is a little tough to bite through so it becomes a bit of a mess at the end.

And then there is the sauce. We had this corn dog twice over the weekend and both times the sauce tasted completely different. On Friday, the sauce was incredibly spicy and way too overpowering with spice. On Saturday, the sauce was too sweet and very thin. The sauce is very inconsistent. This is the one part of this great new food offering that needs some retooling, and consistency.

On your next visit try this new three-flavored corn dog, It is an Incredible new food offering that should stay longer than the festival itself. So, make sure you try it before Pixar Fest ends on September 3rd, 2018. And keep checking back for all the rest of our reviews and coverage of the opening of Pixar Fest from this weekend!

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