RUMOR: Club 33 Location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Will Be The McDonald’s Lounge

Based on a permit just filed today for construction at 580 Dinoland Drive, it looks like Disney may finally be starting construction on the Animal Kingdom location for Club 33. This address corresponds to the show building for the Dinosaur attraction. It just so happens that the Dinosaur attraction show building contains a corporate lounge originally built for McDonald’s when they sponsored the attraction (from the park’s opening in 1998 through 2008).

It would seem that this secret lounge would be an excellent location for the Club 33 location. It is spacious, well-hidden, and quite exclusive. The other location that has been rumored for Club 33 would be in a back room at Tiffins, which would be nice, but not well hidden nor very secret. Based on the information that the Walt Disney World Club 33 locations would only serve drinks and light bar food and not full meals, it would seem that a location adjacent to Tiffins wouldn’t be necessary.

Here are some photos of the secret lounge inside Dinosaur.

It would be very nice if they kept some of the Dinosaur decor, like the frosted glass room divider.

Certainly some of the furniture would be changed for a Club 33, but the architecture, interior design, and LED lighting are all pretty cool.

There are actually two of the frosted glass room dividers, here is the second, smaller one.

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