A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 that showcases all-new Nintendo-inspired mini-games.

VIDEO: Classic Disney Cartoon-Inspired Mini-Games Shown Off for Kingdom Hearts III

A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III has released, showcasing a nostalgic way for players to experience mini-games inspired by classic Disney cartoons.

Square Enix has revealed Classic Kingdom, where players will be able to enjoy various mini-games that meld together elements of classic Disney cartoons with 1980s Nintendo Game & Watch electronics. The trailer shows Donald and Goofy crowd around Sora as he plays on a LCD electronic gaming toy, where in the mini-game Mickey Mouse attempts to rescue Minnie Mouse from Pete (á la Donkey Kong).

Additional games include one where players attack hordes of enemies (The Barnyard Battle), a food delivery game (The Karnival Kid), a game where Sora tries to evade a giant’s attacks (Giantland), and a game about emptying egg baskets (Musical Farmer)

It is unconfirmed how these mini-games can be unlocked or how they will be accessible in the game, but Square Enix did announce that the mini-games will also be available in the mobile spinoff Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross].

Kingdom Hearts III is still slated for a 2018 release, although Square Enix still has yet to announce a specific date.