REVIEW: PIXAR Fest ‘Ratatouille’ 3-Course Meal at Cafe Orleans, Disneyland

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A new 3-course Ratatouille themed meal has debuted at Cafe Orleans table service restaurant in Disneyland. The meal is a part of Pixar Fest, which is a celebration of Pixar films. The pre-fixed meal retails at $40.00 per person, plus tax.

You can purchase a Remy souvenir straw with your meal! Look how cute he is!

The pre-fixed menu has three courses and comes with a refillable fountain drink or Mint Julep. I think the choice was clear here.

The first course was a beautiful plated Specialty Cheese Flight.
The cheese flight included 3 cheeses, with complimenting fruits, nuts and a wonderful honeycomb.

I enjoyed the first course very much! The 3 featured cheeses were delicious and very fresh! I appreciated the amount of options on this cheese flight. Dried figs, apricots, fresh strawberry slices, crumbly peacans, Golden honeycomb and even fresh thyme were all present. So many combinations to try with the cheeses; this course was well thought out! I asked my server to identify the cheeses on the plate and she happily did.

The second course, the Shrimp Ratatouille Byaldi, was definitely a showstopper! It sure looks like Remy stacked it himself!

The ratatouille stacks oven roasted vegetables slices, topped with grilled shrimp and surrounded with tomato sauce.

After admiring this dish, it was time to eat! I attempted a forkful similar to Anton Ego’s in Ratatouille to find that this just toppled the lovely tower of veggies.

I suggest cutting the ratatouille into smaller slices and eating with the tomato sauce. Delicious!

The vegetables were roasted nicely, giving the veggies a flavorful and soft bite. The surrounding sauce was flavorful and delicious with the roasted vegetables. The shrimp was cooked perfectly, and was well seasoned. I appreciated the extra shrimp on the side! So good! The meal was a great size to follow the first course cheese flight!

I was not over stuffed, and definitely looking forward to the third course: Berry Stuffed Beignets A La Mode with Mascarpone and sweet Brie drizzle.

The beignets for this dessert are not your classic Mickey shaped beignets regularly served at Cafe Orleans, but rather three small round berry filled beignets served in a small bowl, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and confectioners sugar.

The berry filling:

Round beignets:

Again, the size of this dessert was perfect. Especially being the third course in a three-course dinner. I had just enough room in my stomach to enjoy my hot beignets and ice cream. The berry filling was superb! It paired very nicely with the sweet mascarpone and Brie drizzle that covered the beignets.
Pixar Fest hit this one out of the park! The Ratatouille meal is a delicious, well rounded and filling meal from start to finish. I enjoyed every course and really loved the fresh cheeses, roasted vegetables, and of course, the warm beignets and Mint Julep! Having my meal brought out in courses, and the superb meal presentation, makes this meal very fun and brings a lot of the same enjoyment I have when I watch the film Ratatouille. Hats off to this chef!

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Sean Fernandez
Sean Fernandez
3 years ago

Well I’m glad someone liked it. My boyfriend is a Chef who happens to absolutely love Ratatouille the movie. We both were disappointed and still are at how little the movie is getting recognized at Pixar Fest so when we found out Cafe Orleans was having a Ratatouille prie-fixe menu we were excited. $40 seemed a bit steep for what was being offered but that was fine for us. I chose to get the “New” Steak and Potatoes which I won’t discuss here, though my thoughts are the Chimicurri was not blended well and tasted too much like Rosemary and… Read more »

The Big Kahoona
The Big Kahoona
3 years ago

Too bad it doesn’t come with Fantasmic seating.

Bea Roberts
Bea Roberts
3 years ago

Sounds GREAT! the Ratatouille looks just like the movie! Shrimp looks great on top! I need this!!