VIDEO: Making The New PCI Utility Suit For Pandora – The World of AVATAR

We shared last night of a new addition coming to Pandora – The World of AVATAR in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We have a video to take a behind-the-scenes look at how the PCI, Pandora Conservation Initiative, pilot tested out the Pandora Utility Suit, which will soon be used to study the wildlife, collect plant samples, and survive Pandora’s terrain. This Utility Suit was a partnership between Lightstorm Entertainment, Disney Parks Live Entertainment, Michael Curry Studios, and Walt Disney Imagineering.

You can see this amazing Utility Suit pilot in Pandora – The World of Avatar starting on April 22. Be sure to check the times guide at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or the MDE app on the day of your visit for the latest information!

  1. “We put a guy on stilts in a “robot suit” just like Universal did years ago!” Is WDI the new Apple? Better later than never? Oh wait, no Apple usually does it better than the junk that exists already.

  2. Think it would look better without the cake people let’s sticking out. They don’t move naturally and it’s a little creepy . But that’s just me

    1. Sorry I couldn’t see what I was typing. I ment “it would look better without the fake legs”

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