Disney has announced the Night of Joy event will not return in 2018.

BREAKING: Disney Confirms Night of Joy Will Not Return

Disney has confirmed that the long-running Night of Joy event will not be returning in 2018 or beyond.

A Disney World spokeswoman has confirmed the news to the Orlando Sentinel stating, “Last year was our last event.”

Night of Joy was an annual festival that was held in September and featured music performances from many notable Christian artists over the years such as tobyMac, MercyMe, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, and many more. The event was usually hosted at Magic Kingdom since its inaugural year in 1983, but it was eventually moved to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a brief two years before moving to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.

Disney has announced the Night of Joy event will not return in 2018.

Last September Disney cancelled one of the final performances for Night of Joy due to threatening weather conditions from Hurricane Irma.

When asked why the festival would not return, the spokeswoman told the Orlando Sentinel that the decision is part of Disney World’s attempt to “continually changing our offerings.”

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  1. that’s ok Disney. Universal Studios will still allow us to celebrate our faith and wit
    ness to others at Rock the Universe!

    1. Thank you for that suggestion! I will definitely be spending my money there, while spreading the ultimate message of selfless, sacrificial love, not hate.

      1. Wait…aren’t you doing just the opposite by insisting to not go to Disney? Selfish

      2. I won’t be spending any of my time or money at Disney; from now on We will be 100% a Universal Studio Family. They can continue to change their offerings and I can change how and where we spend our income and time.

    2. The large number of shoplifters in this group won’t enjoy Universal as much. The merchandise isn’t as good.

      Good riddance punks.

  2. This must be part of their total turn to the dark side after buying Fox

    1. Actually, by that reasoning, you would think they would have become even more associated with the Christian demographic.

  3. Not to get all political, but it was most likely canceled because of the spiritual nature. Disney doesn’t want to potentially offend anyone. That’s just my guess.

    1. I completely agree. Ironically, they still celebrate Christmas…but that’s not going anywhere #BecauseSales

      1. Not ironic. Christmas is as much secular as it is religious. (Not to mention the pagan origins of both Christmas and Easter). It doesn’t only “belong” to the religious context anymore. So I see no issue when it comes to Disney celebrating Christmas (as they emphasize the secular aspects of it anyway).

        I don’t think canceling because it’s a faith-oriented event is the sole reason though. If so, they would have canceled decades ago. Clearly they had no problem being affiliated with a faith-based event for nearly 3+ decades. It’s most likely something money related.

        1. I wouldn’t call it pagan origins. The dates were chosen to celebrate to hide the pagan origins. As we don’t actually celebrate the pagan holidays, it is undoubtedly a success.
          Saying Christmas and Easter has pagan origins implies that the holidays themselves began from pagan beginnings which isn’t the case. Good day.

          1. I’d just like to point out that, Christians actually know when Easter occurred because of where it falls in relation to Passover, a Jewish holiday. They just adopted pagan iconography in order to indoctrinate them when the religion was spreading through Europe.

          2. Actually, no. There are many elements to these holidays that are rooted in the pagan traditions/myths, beyond just the dates/time periods of the year. A little basic research will reveal such. Sorry, but religion did not originate all the elements of these holidays. That is simply fact. Good day.

          3. Actually, it’s true that most of what passes for ‘religious’ holidays today has roots in pagan origins, traditions, etc. It’s more than just a matter of dates. Plus, most of the elements of these holidays we practice and enjoy are the pagan aspects to them. So, in a way, they did start from pagan beginnings. Just an added thought. Take care.

  4. I am quite disappointed. I have always wanted to attend this event and finally made plans to be there this year. I suppose the only way to show my displeasure is to cancel my reservations and take my dollars elsewhere.

  5. The folks with Night Of Joy were on most part okay, but some religious fanatics. They had huge concerns and homophobic tendencies which is not Disney’s way. Disney is profit oriented first, but on political side, is very inclusive. They are not haters.

    1. “inclusive”….I can tell you’ve been going to all of the meetings. That’s one of the more common deceitful euphemisms in the handbook.

  6. As a life long Christian I found this event to be a hedonistic nightmare that was filled with self centered kids and youth group leaders who seemed to be there for their own good time. As to Disney’s inclusiveness; they are a business and to let themselves fall into the trap of inclusiveness is foolish. When you make inclusiveness part of your business model you will surely fail as there will always be some individual or group that feels excluded.

  7. Let’s be completely honest here. This event was most likely brought to an end because we find the most people getting it on in the park over this event. Funny that it’s the Christians that tend to screw each other in public more than any other group…

    1. Oh the memories of my roommate that worked at MK lamenting having to work Night of Hell and having to continually check the back row of Feel Her Magic… I mean Phillarmagic for heads in laps.

  8. Seriously think people, it’s not about trying to remain secular, or not offending other religions. It’s about money, it was 1 Night, then they increased it to 2 nights, then back to 1. Then moved it to Studios. Then finally to Wide World of Sports. It stopped being profitable, so they stopped having it. Did you think they were doing it out of the kindness of their hearts?

  9. Moving it to Epcot would make more sense with all the Festivals it has every year. This is an opportunity for SeaWorld or Universal if they should take it.

    1. Universal already has a Christian Music Festival that has always been the same weekend as Night of Joy.

  10. This was caused by Disney erecting a giant Woody statue. That is a tower of babel if I ever saw one. Now instead of Nights of Joy they will have Nights of Woodies for enternity. Remember choose me and not Sid

  11. As an individual that made this event a family tradition and has been going for years, I can tell you what may have caused this. Going to the Night of Joy at Magic Kingdom was amazing. When it got moved to ESPN Wide World of Sports, it took the “magical” aspect out, and it was just a worship concert. I greatly enjoy the concerts, but if I’m shelling out Disney ticket money, I expect the perks that come with being in the same park as Magic Kingdom. As far as all the snarky comments about what the teenagers were doing while there with their youth group, that doesn’t surprise me. If there is one leader, chances are they tell the kids to meet up at a certain time at a checkpoint. Teenagers can do some questionable stuff when not under adult supervision. Their parents are probably overjoyed that their child is at a Christian concert…and their kids are overjoyed to be with their friends at Disney at night. I’m sure Universal is going to make a killing. They were starting to steal Disney’s thunder anyway.

  12. A lot of cast members will be doing a silent “happy dance” at that news. Working NOJ was dreaded by CMs due to the less-than-Christian conduct of so many of the attendees.

  13. Wonder if Disney is also canceling the LGBT day as well…..I was considering renewing my Disney annual pass, I think after reading this my family and I will just get passes for Universal now.

    1. Gay Days isn’t put on by Disney. I believe it’s organized by an independent group.

    2. Well since Disney doesn’t have a LGBT day on the operations calendar, I guess they won’t need to cancel it. Besides those LGBT guests spend money, tip well, and don’t cause nightmares for the Castmembers.

  14. No problem. I will see Jesus Culture,Toby Mac,Lauren Dangle and Casting Crowns and others at Universals Rock the universe. Also making ths trip tp Carowinds in NC for Ledger, Skillet, and Crowder there. Changes happen in life some you like and some you disagree with. Not happy with the Disney decision? Go elsewhere. On a side note Disney does NOT promote Gaydays in June, but they do close the park specifically for the group. I remember one night Typhon Lagoon was a private event, only for people that are there for gaydays. Maybe they have the budget for a private function but Disney does facilitate and does not promote. And yes The LGBTQ community is mostly respectable, not s nuisance and spend and tip Well! The many times I have gone to Night of Joy I have seen conduct not becoming of so called Christians. I have also attended GayDays on multiple occasions just FYI. My profession (DJ) allowed me to do both. My faith says LOVE EVERYONE.

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