BREAKING: Disneyland Adding FastPass, MaxPass to Pirates of the Caribbean When It Returns

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When Pirates of the Caribbean returns to the Disneyland Resort with the new auction scene on June 8th, 2018, it will offer both FastPass and MaxPass to allow guests to more quickly experience this popular attraction.


While Pirates of the Caribbean has a pretty high capacity for guests, the queue has been strained in recent years and it is not abnormal to see it stretch through most of the waterfront area in New Orleans Square. The addition of FastPass and MaxPass will try to alleviate this issue, giving guests an opportunity to ride outside of waiting in the standby line.

In addition to the paper FastPass distribution (which we assume will be shared with the existing Haunted Mansion distribution area), it will offer MaxPass as well, allowing guests to book the ride reservations digitally on their phones via the Disneyland app.

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  • When you add Fastpass to a ride the line doesn’t get shorter. It gets longer. So prepare to see the extended queue for Pirates wrapping it’s way all through New Orleans Square

    • That is not necessarily true. The throughput gets lower, thus the waiting time gets higher. That says nothing about the actual length of the waiting line. If you have 2000 people waiting for this attraction in the standby line, lets say the line is 500 meters, the waiting time is 1 hour (capacity = 2000 p/h). If you take half of that outside of the queue through fastpass the line will half to 250 meters while you still have to wait for 1 hour. Ofcourse there are new people coming from other attractions with fastpasses which are going in this attraction, but most problaby not all of them.

  • End of the day, this is just one more move to push people toward Maxpass and thus capture more of their spending money. It’s incredibly frustrating: it seems at every turn Disney is catering more and more to the richest section of society, and is turning its back on the lower classes. Definitely not what Walt said was his aim.

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