Jazz Loves Disney album, 2nd version, cover image.

Disney Loves Jazz – New Nighttime Event at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is hosting more and more night-time events in the Walt Disney Studios Park. With the FanDaze Inaugural Party and a Marvel AP-night for this June and July, they announced another event for this September: Disney Loves Jazz.

Disney and the musical genre jazz have a long running relationship. The company released two Jazz Loves Disney albums that feature renowned artists from the international jazz scene performing famous Disney classics. Disneyland Paris will now host Disney Loves Jazz, Soirée of Jazz on Saturday September 29, 2018, from 08:00 PM till 01:00 AM.

Jazz Loves Disney album, 1st one, cover image.

The highlight of the event must be Jazz Loves Disney in Concert, featuring multiple renowned Jazz artists. The specific line-up will be announced soon. The event will also future opportunities to meet ‘jazzy’ Disney characters, go on attractions with little wait and experience a festive sphere throughout the park.

Tickets for the event will go on sale on Thursday May 17.