Disney Visa Debit Cardmembers Can Take Part In Star Wars Exclusive Character Meet and Greet

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Now, Disney Visa Debit Cardmembers are eligible to take part in the exclusive Star Wars character meet-and-greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Previously, this was only open for the Disney Visa Credit Cardmembers.

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This Star Wars character exclusive is a face-to-face with the villainous Kylo Ren. He tries to persuade you to join the Dark Side with his dark and terrifying charm, while also providing you with complimentary photos of your time together.

You can find Kylo Ren at the Star Wars Launch Bay in the Animation Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You must present a valid Disney Visa card for entry.

  1. It’s a waste of time. We were just at Disney World in Hollywood Studios and took advantage of the Visa card holder benefit experience.

    So after waiting for 20 minutes to see Kylo Ren in the regular line we waited in a shorter line in the Visa experience and saw…..Kylo Ren.

    This Kylo Ren barely spoke, was not nearly as interactive as the Kylo Ren in the regular guest experience and we were rushed in and rushed out.

    Either Disney should make these experiences ACTUAL experiences or stop trying to con us to get a Disney VISA by offering virtually no type of benefit.

    1. I think your experience is completely dependent on who the “friend of Kylo Ren” is. We’ve had the exact opposite experience. I highly doubt Disney cares enough to water down one meet and greet over another.

    2. Maybe he was just annoyed he had to see you again. You get a free photo, that’s a benefit.

      1. Such an intelligent response. Something that I should expect from a refrigerator repairman.

        1. Excuse me, Bob Vance is the *owner* of Vance Refrigeration. And he bought this perfume for me in Metropolitan Orlando. It’s made from real pine.

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