REVIEW: Scene Stealer Cookie Milkshake at All-Star Movies, and The Continued Inaccuracies of WDW’s Official In-Park Twitter Account

The Scene Stealer Cookie Milkshake is a brand-new gourmet milkshake that just premiered at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. How do we know this? Because the official Walt Disney World Today Twitter account, @WDWToday, tweeted an image early yesterday morning, May 22, ostensibly from Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.

As with all new food offerings, WDWNT has a duty to our readers to review this new treat. So, naturally, we ventured over to check out the new dessert concoction and souvenir mug. Upon approaching the dessert counter at All-Star Movies, we had a very unusual (but not at all surprising) problem: No signage, no advertisements, nothing about this fancy new offering being marketed on the Walt Disney World Resort’s official in-park Twitter feed.

Nobody knew about the dessert. Nobody knew about the souvenir mug. Nobody had any idea about what was tweeted by the @WDWToday Twitter account earlier in the day. We spoke with a manager who confirmed that the milkshake is coming soon and that the souvenir mug should also arrive with it, and estimated its arrival around the end of next week. He was unaware that the official in-park Twitter account of the Walt Disney World Resort was spreading misinformation. He apologized (for something that was totally not his fault), and regretted not being able to supply the souvenir mug, but was able to create the milkshake for us. As soon as we get off our soapbox, we’ll give you the lowdown on the new shake.

Under normal circumstances, these things should only happen quite rarely, and one might chalk this up as a misunderstanding or a mistake, especially if a retraction or clarification is then tweeted.

Unfortunately this isn’t a rare occurrence with the @WDWToday Twitter account. The tweets from this account are frequently riddled with errors, and we felt compelled to call attention to it.

For example, less than a month ago, the @WDWToday account tweeted about a churro ice cream sandwich available at Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom. We were in the park that day, and headed to the Liberty Square eatery. Instead of seeing a menu board with the new treat, we were met with alarmed Cast Members and managers. The existence of the churro ice cream sandwich was a secret that nobody knew about and wasn’t even supposed to know for a few more weeks. The sandwich wasn’t available, even though there was a photo of it apparently taken just a few hours before. Many people tweeted back asking for clarification. Instead of tweeting a retraction or clarification, @WDWToday decided to hide their error by completely deleting this tweet (but not before we got a screen capture).

An even more serious example of @WDWToday’s Twitter  inaccuracies happened February 16, when the Walt Disney World Today official Twitter account tweeted outdated concept art of Toy Story Land. This tweet was extremely important because it was the first time the opening date for Toy Story Land was revealed. What better way to get people excited for a new land than to show them the great original plans that were subsequently budget-cut to something much more disappointing? For those out of the loop on this, back in 2016 when walls first appeared in Pixar Place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the concept art that appeared on those walls was altered heavily from what was initially revealed at the 2015 D23 Expo when the new land was announced. We have a full story on the changes available to read here.

With this many errors in a short timespan, We’re unsure what to expect of the @WDWToday account moving forward. The @DisneylandToday account is continuously on the ball, whereas our Florida team doesn’t seem to think that they ought to fact-check their information before they tweet it to upwards of 166,000 followers. For an official Disney information source to repeatedly make significant errors that impact guests, is unprofessional, and shows a lack of integrity on the @WDWToday Twitter team. Guests rely on this official in-park Twitter account for important information that impacts their vacation experience, but apparently this team can’t hold themselves to a minimal standard of ensuring the information they provide is true and accurate.

These are just three examples in the recent past, but there are more. Nevertheless, we feel these three examples really show that the @WDWToday Twitter team doesn’t understand the Disney brand and the guest expectations of it. For an official Disney social media channel to exhibit this level of ineptitude is embarrassing to say the least. Disney demands better of its Cast Members in the parks, so why not the supposed “professionals” running this social media outlet? After all, the @WDWToday Twitter account has the ability to negatively impact way more guests than any given Cast Member in the parks.

Anyway, with that rant out of the way, how about that milkshake? Like we said, the manager and Cast Members were able to produce a Scene Stealer for us and boy, did it steal the show.


Scene Stealer Cookie Milkshake – $6.99 ($9.99 with souvenir mug, when available)


This delectable treat is actually very good, and a steal for the price tag. It’s blended cookies and cream ice cream with a chocolate and caramel drizzle down the inside of the cup. Topping it off is a chocolate chip cookie that’s very moist and perfect in all the right ways.

Disney seems to be upping their milkshake game recently, and this is another stellar (stealer?) addition to their lineup.




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