PHOTOS: Donald’s Dino-Bash! Decorations Appearing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Begins Tomorrow, May 25th

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Donald’s Dino-Bash! is an event coming to Dinoland U.S.A. this summer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The event will feature numerous meet and greets and a new DJ dance party. One of the coolest additions for this event are new costumes for Chip & Dale, the duo will get their own meeting location on the Createous Trail. Launchpad McQuack will be meeting as well as Scrooge McDuck in their own separate locations.

Entering the land we see new light posts on both sides including a hat on the infamous dinosaur fossil.

Yup, that’s a Donald Hat. Looks pretty permanent, here’s hoping the Santa hat returns for the holidays.

Structure has been added to Olden Gate Bridge to support a Donald’s Dino Bash sign.

It appears Scrooge McDuck took a parachute in and landed at the old Wilderness Explorers lodge. Don’t worry, young explorers can still get their badge just a few steps away in the extended Dinosaur queue.

The vehicle maintenance section of Restaurantosaurus has been extended to accommodate the Launchpad McQuack meet and greet.

Banners matching the Dino Bash color scheme are hung over the old meet and greets. Goofy, Donald, and Pluto are expected to return.

In the back of the Cretaceous Trail you can see signage for the Chipmunk-o-saurus, which will be the Chip & Dale meet and greet. They’ve added some new dinosaur sculptures as well.

The old FastPass distribution area of Primeval whirl was repainted and a new sign appeared. This looks like a brand new game, but there’s nothing behind the walls just yet. Stay tuned, we’ll have full coverage of Donald’s Dino Bash this weekend!