PHOTOS: Latest Aerial Construction Photos from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Thanks to our friends at NearMap we have some new aerial photography of the construction of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to share with you. Below, you’ll see an overhead look at Black Spire Outpost with the top part of the photo being the edge of Toy Story Land and the top-right corner being Grand Avenue and Muppet-Vision 3D.

See that road toward the bottom right of the image? That’s the current main entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, across which is the the now-confirmed spot for the upcoming Star Wars Resort. That roadway will eventually be realigned to better connect with the parking lot.

Zooming in a bit more, to the left is the Millennium Falcon attraction and to the right is the Battle Escape attraction. The semicircular cut out on the Millennium Falcon show building is where the model of the ship will be placed.

One final look at the whole area that Galaxy’s Edge is taking up.

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  • WAY too small. I think this is smaller than even the Backstage Lot tour they took out to put it in!! That said, the Star Wars Movies have been doing horribly, Still. Disney needs a lot more guest space for all the rooms they add. A LOT more.

      • No. He can read the news! Solo lost money. Last 5 Star Wars movies (all to make money, not an impact) have decreasingly lost sales, one by one, each less than one before, as have merchandise sales. This is publicly available info online my friend. Check out Disney’s stock this year. Rest of market doing well. Disney down almost 10%. WDW is failing. This area is too small. I agree with Allan.

        • 6.5% does not = almost 10%. Perhaps you should read their revenue reports before making any statements? Both park attendance and revenues have increased this year.

          • They are down 9.5% as of 11:50 AM. That’s pretty close to 10%. Terrible considering the dow is up so high, they’re the laggard. Park attendance of paying guests has not increased, it has decreased. they’re revenue has not either unless you look at money they make on their hotels which resorting to GIVING tickets away to the park and GIVING away dining plans to get people there. They are having issues. They don’t realize by cutting quality, it eventually bites them. They’ve neglected the WDW parks too long. They are making a smidgeon on attempt to revive it, but as pointed out, this area is too small of an attempt. Doesn’t even replace what they took away to ‘add’ this area.

        • “WDW is failing.”

          Not really sure what you mean by failing. DAK had a 15% increase in attendance last year. Each Disney park experienced growth, except Hollywood Studios (down 0.5%) because obviously. (

          If you mean failing in terms of what the Disney experience holds, or that their on an unsustainable trajectory, well, that’s a little different. But it sure ain’t failing in a financial sense.

          • Yes, DAK had increase in people but do you know the percentage of those tickets which were related to “FREE PARK admission for hotel stays of large groups”? Did you know that to some markets (here in Brazil included) they give us free park admission, free meals and free transportation if we bring a group of 20 and stay on property?

            Disney is failing financially. The Star Wars franchise is bombing, and no wonder, it’s driven by numbers, not creativity or making an impact. I’m not a naysayer. I’m a huge Disney fan. My concern…Bob Iger and management team on down to the cast member who lets you in, is NOT a fan of the parks. They are bean counters by this point, 100%. That never works long term for any company.

            This area for Star Wars Land is tiny, and they have another few hotels to add. One next to it would fill this small area on it’s own!

        • For every article like this there are two saying the stock is a buy. It’s all about clicks. Also in your article it doesn’t state that the parks business is not doing well.

  • Even though I am excited to actually see Galaxy’s Edge when it opens, I am also becoming more concerned over what appears to be the relatively small size of the area. Disney’s crowd control techniques are failing miserably as of late, which indicates they will have a horrific and dangerous problem to deal with as the guests descend like locusts to Galaxy’s Edge for there grand opening. They area should have been, at minimum, double it’s current size and offering at least 2 more rides. The only alternative would be place restrictions on a guest’s ability to access the area and outright prohibit certain guests from entering the new land in order to maintain a safe and non threatening environment.

    • Agree. This area is VERY small. Too little too late. And when we were at the park over this weekend, they staffing was terrible. Only 2 lanes open out of 12 for parking, 35 minute wait there, 4 out of 30 turnstiles open, another hour there. Only 2 tables open for security, 30 minutes there…and once in park, the waits increased, the quality of the park wasn’t good, very little to do, but a lot of places to buy stuff. Disney does not care 1% about how enjoyable it is, it was a rip off, and we all get in FREE. To WDW management, park is open, anyone dumb enough to stand in the lines, they’ll take the money and give little back. We only went as our grandparents were given free tickets and rooms for being a ‘valued guest’ (Grandfather works for Joffreys, he gets free admission, food and stays all year for him and dozens of guests. It’s STILL a rip off, even when it’s free though to be honest).

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