PHOTOS: Riviera Resort Construction, Skyliner Towers At Caribbean Beach Resort 5/23/2018

It’s been a few weeks since we stopped by Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to check out the construction on Disney’s Riviera Resort. Riviera is a 12-story tower being constructed at the front of the Caribbean Beach property near Buena Vista Drive.

Last time we looked at Riviera the building was at 8 stories. Here we can see that the final two stories are being added on in one small section on the east side of the resort. They have yet to top-out construction.

Nothing much different is happening on the front side of the resort, just lots of people and construction vehicles working to ensure a 2019 opening.


Looking over toward Caribbean Beach, we see two Skyliner pylons that will connect the Caribbean Beach station to one of two turns on its way to Epcot.