Privileged Shopping Days Return to Disneyland Paris: Where to Buy Your Merchandise?

In an e-mail to Annual Passholders, Disneyland Paris announced that the Privileged Shopping Days return to the resort. On Saturday, May 26, and Sunday, May 27, AP-holders receive additional discounts in stores at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. The additional discounts are only valid when you spend €60,- or more. Magic Flex AP-holders will receive a 15% discount (normally 10%), Magic Plus AP-holders 20% (normally 10%), and Infinity AP-holders 30% (normally 20%).

This is the time for AP-holders to go out into the park and shop some nice merchandise in the many stores at both parks. Some of these stores are beautifully themed but easily missed. Here are five stores that you have to visit when in Disneyland Paris.

1. Lilly’s Boutique – Main Street, U.S.A.

Next to Walt’s – An American Restaurant, you can find Lilly’s Boutique, a store that pays homage to Lillian Disney, Walt’s wife. The store is like a home. It has a part for the living room, for the kitchen, and for the bedroom, where you can find products that fit in these rooms. The store is decorated with several pictures from Lillian and Walt, so make you sure you take your time to look around!

Lilly's Boutique in Disneyland Paris

Photo's Lilly's Boutique Disneyland Paris

2. Merlin l’Enchanteur (Merlin the Wizard) – Fantasyland

Under Sleeping Beauty Castle, there is a cave with the dragon of the famous wizard Merlin (La Tanière du Dragon). From the cave you can take the stairs to the shop of Merlin, that you can also enter from inside the castle. This exclusive store has some exquisite souvenirs for you: etched crystal, delicate glass displays and beautiful jewellery. You can even see how artisan glassware is made, all amidst some models of Merlin’s inventions.

La Tanière du Dragon in Disneyland Paris, under Sleeping Beauty Castle

3. La Chaumière des Sept Nains (The Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs) – Fantasyland

While greeted by some animal friends, you enter the world of Snow White in this magical forest. You cross a bridge, walk past old stone walls, and you enter the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs where they sell clothes, costumes, and toys. This shop is located immediately behind Sleeping Beauty Castle, on the left side.

La Chaumière des Sept Nains in Disneyland Paris

4. Star Traders – Discoveryland

When leaving Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, you enter Star Traders. This shop is themed to the Starport and has all your favorite Star Wars-merchandise, including some stuff that is exclusive for Paris. When looking up, you can spot a parked StarSpeeder 1000.

Star Traders in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris souvenir from Star Traders

5. Chez Marianne (Souvenirs de Paris) – Walt Disney Studios Park

On La Place de Rémy, home of Ratatouille: The Adventure, there is also a souvenir store where you can buy products for in the kitchen and souvenirs themed to Paris and Ratatouille. In this Art Deco-style store, you experience some almost real Parisian shopping.

Chez Marianne in Disneyland Paris

Chez Marianne in Disneyland Paris

And these are only five of many boutiques in Disneyland Paris! Did you know there is also a shop themed to a giraffe in Adventureland? Or that one of the shops in Fantasyland is held up by a beanstalk?

Next to the Privileged Shopping Days, Disney Village will be hosting a New Orleans Festival on May 25 and 26. So, even when you are not an AP-holder, the last weekend of May will feature some extras that are definitely worth a visit.

In which of the stores in Disneyland Paris would you like to shop?