REVIEW: Incredible Foods at Incredible Tomorrowland Expo at The Magic Kingdom are Incredibly Disappointing

The Incredible Summer event has kicked off in Tomorrowland at The Magic Kingdom along with several new meals and treats, including pizza, a “super foods” salad, snow cones, and a pretzel mask. Two other items have also been introduced and featured prominently in marketing – Mrs. Incredible’s Super Stretchy Burger and Edna Mode’s “No Capes, Just Crepes,” both Nutella and Blackberry Lavender Jam variations.

The Super Stretchy Burger – $14.99 (Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café)

“The Super Stretchy Burger has flame-grilled Angus beef that’s piled high with deep-fried mozzarella sticks, American cheese, bacon, and garlic ranch sauce,” according to the Disney parks blog.

Upon review, the burger certainly doesn’t look incredible, missing the flame grilled Incredibles logo as shown in promotional pieces. This was a big disappointment and another case where the marketing people have no idea what’s actually happening on the ground. That said, the sandwich was hearty both in content and taste. The mozzarella sticks added a smokey flavor and never overwhelmed with too much grease (though grease there certainly was). With so much flavor, the bacon and ranch seemed unnecessary and lacked any extra punch for this “hero” sandwich. So while it was certainly an edible lunch option, the missing logo coupled with the $14.99 price tag makes it an overall disappointment.


Edna Mode’s Nutella “No Capes, Just Crepes” – $6.99 (Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies)

Edna Mode’s Nutella “No Capes, Just Crepes” was much lighter fare and prettier all around, and though the hot Florida sun can do a real number on ice cream, this dessert’s elements worked as one and allowed for several different flavor combinations. First you can dip your Edna white chocolate in the ice cream and, once complete, the crepes do a good job of soaking up the melting ice cream. The only real downside was a lack of fruit (two strawberries pieces and five blueberries on this serving) plus the Edna chocolate has a tendency to stain your hand if you hold it for too long. Overall, a delectable treat daaaaarling, but again, somewhat disappointing for the price.

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