REVIEW: Sci-Fi Dine-In at Hollywood Studios Brings the Summer Heat With New Menu Items

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Sci-Fi Dine-In is a table service restaurant located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The restaurant is well-known and extremely popular with guests with its wacky and cool theme of placing you in an actual drive-in theater to enjoy your meal.

Cool, right? The restaurant hasn’t seen a lot of physical change since originally opening, but the menu gets some pretty cool additions every few months. We took a trip back to a simpler time to check out the new menu.

Sci-Fi Appetizer Sampler – Boneless Buffalo Tenders, Shrimp and Crab Fondue, House-made Tortilla Chips, and Fried Dill Pickles served with Horseradish and Blue Cheese Dipping Sauces – $20.00

There’s a new sauce for the tenders, (boneless wings are nuggets, so boneless tenders are just tenders) so we tried the Szechuan sauce. This isn’t a McDonald’s ad; this sauce is very different and much more complex. Subtle sweetness and a good spice encapsulated the tenders and made for some great tasting chicken. There were a lot of chips provided for the shrimp and crab fondue, which came out perfectly hot. Rounding out the trio are the frickles. Fried pickles? Frickles. The frickles were lightly coated with a breading and quickly fried giving a nice crunch.


Smoked Prime Rib Sandwich – Pastrami-style Smoked Prime Rib served on Grilled Marble Rye with Grain Mustard Coleslaw, Caramelized Onions, and Swiss Cheese – $17.00

There’s a little too much coleslaw on this sandwich. The smoked prime rib is fine in itself, nothing too special. What’s really an issue with this sandwich is the mixture of the coleslaw, rye bread, and meat. There’s no chance for the cheese or onions to even play a part when everything else is competing for attention. It’s better to pass on this entree, even if the fries are really good.


Sci-Fi Barbecue Platter – Smoked Pulled Pork, St. Louis-style Ribs, Grilled Chicken, and Sausage served with Jalapeño-Cheddar Cornbread, Southern Coleslaw, and Cowboy Beans finished with Coca-Cola® Barbecue Sauce – $27.00

This is a winner. The only part that really wasn’t needed was the smoked sausage, which is good but can’t hold a candle to the rest. Chicken was perfectly cooked and very tender. The pork and ribs were very smoky and covered in a fantastic Coca-Cola barbecue sauce making them delectable. Even the beans had a great flavor that isn’t consistent with beans found elsewhere, so it’s something truly unique. There’s enough food to split between two people here, so we recommend starting with the appetizer sampler and split the barbecue platter for a great meal for two!

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Nice review! We went and food quality kinda cheap and meager for the price. Good setting though! If could take in Mcdonalds quality food and service and and just sit in the cars in front of the screen, might be an upgrade though. Disney has really declined in quality.


That overhead shot of the restaurant just screams to be in Carsland at DCA.