REVIEW: The Golden Horseshoe Turns Into TGI Friday’s with New Menu at Disneyland

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In the midst of Pixar Fest kicking off, The Golden Horseshoe unveiled a few new menu items. These food offerings seemed like the perfect comfort food, so I hurried over to sample them.

Loaded Potato Skins with Hearty Meat Chili for $8.49

This was a very one-note meal. Although the chili was, in fact, quite hearty, it was disappointing when served with undercooked potato skins. Hopefully this wasn’t the standard, because the portion was huge and it had the potential to be a great dish.

Pepper Jack Chili Mac topped with Hearty Meat Chili for $8.49

I was not expecting the fried cheese-curds when I ordered this, but they turned out to be a pleasant surprise. A downside, though, is I couldn’t tell if the cheese was pepper jack. Definitely eat these menu items while they’re hot; the texture changes significantly in both dishes even when cooled off slightly.

Coke Float served in Woody’s Boot for $17.49

It’s advertised as a classic root beer float, but you can substitute any drink with this purchase. I was impressed with how much this cup could hold and I think it fit into the restaurant theming and Pixar Fest really well. The bottom of the boot is even stamped with ‘Andy’, which is a nice touch.

Also new to the menu are Chicken Wings served with Fries and a choice of dipping sauce for $11.49. They were unfortunately not served on the day I was there. I do like that The Golden Horseshoe is trying to change up their menu while also keeping it familiar. While chili seems to be abundant on the new menu, I can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing.

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  • Puzzeled …
    “..Loaded Potato Skins with Hearty Meat Chili for $8.49..”
    Portion huge ? It looks like an appetiser to me, no way a main dish… :-)

  • Nothin’ says Golden Horseshoe more then Tater Skins, and Woody!! Does anyone even know who Wally Boag and Betty Taylor where…??? We wants to the SHOW!!

      • Well Sulley, if they don’t, then that is the point!

        What kind of idiot would prefer to see another place to buy over-priced food, rather then to see the Iconic Show which was what the Golden Horseshoe is?

        Why not turn everything into a shop or a restaurant?? Then Guests can become even MORE excited when the new menu comes out!

        What a disgrace.

          • Not much going on in my life! Your ignorance is showing… I have done more in my life then anyone could possibly imagine… My IMPACT on the world has been HUGE, and continues to grow. My contributions have inspired and changed lives…. and yet, I STILL have time to CARE! Sad that some others have no heart to feel or understand.

  • When I first saw the boot, I’m not going to lie, I thought it was chicken pot pie. The reason I thought that was because on an episode of Full House, Danny Tanner made chicken pot pie in a boot-shaped crust lol

  • The boot needs a straw that looks like a snake, then it would be truly clever.

  • TGIFriday is WAY nicer than Disney is. Companies all want profit, but Disney acts as though they don’t care anymore. We were there over Memorial Day Weekend. WDW was a crowded dump, very understaffed, terribly run. Really. Embarrassing. But…people lined up for it, so no reason for Disney to care one little bit I suppose.

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