Magic Pass currently rolled out at Disneyland Paris

RFID Enabled Magic Pass Begins Rollout at Disneyland Paris Resort Replacing Paper Option

In February, we reported that Disneyland Paris was testing their RFID enabled “Magic Pass” at Disney’s Hotel New York. This multi-function and contact-less card facilitates services and is offered to customers of Disney Hotels, comparable to the MagicBand and RFID ticket media at the Walt Disney World Resort. The Magic Pass replaces the paper easy-pass and paper meal vouchers that hotel guests normally receive.

The plastic Magic Pass will give access to hotel rooms and the two parks, but also introduces the opportunity to pay for items and food at the different locations in the resort. When you have a meal plan or booked seats at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, this will also appear on the card. Each member of the family receives their own, but food or merchandise can be paid with one card for the whole family.

What is the Magic Pass, Disneyland Paris 2018

The card is currently being rolled out at the following hotels: Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, and Disneyland Hotel. The rollout of the Magic Pass will be completed this summer, when all the Disney Hotels at the resort will offer the Magic Pass to their guests.

This development is in line with the announcements made during the recent InsidEARS event, when it was stated that Disneyland Paris wants to become more digital. Magic Bands are not coming to Europe, so the Magic Pass seems to be a relatively permanent solution.

All details of the Magic Pass are showed in this video: