Ride Rehab Podcast Episode 5 – “#AddGuardiansRuinARide”

Welcome to Episode 5 of Ride Rehab, a new podcast brought to you by WDWNT.

Tower of Terror becoming Mission Breakout was only the beginning! Tyler and Thomas of Ride Rehab imagine creative new ways of adding Guardians of the Galaxy into as many existing rides or attractions at Disney World as the can, and the results are just as ridiculous as you expect!

If you had unlimited time, money, and Imagineers at your disposal, what about Walt Disney World would you fix? Host and WIGS Member Tyler Mann and co-host Thomas Kiernan will delve into the details of what’s “broken” at Walt Disney World, coming up with creative ways of fixing, replacing, improving, and rehabbing our favorite, or not so favorite, rides, shows, and other attractions.

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