The Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom Adds Beer, Wines, and Hard Ciders

Beginning today at the Magic Kingdom, guests visiting The Crystal Palace will be able to order a variety of new alcoholic beverages to go along with their dinner. We made it over to The Crystal Palace to check it out and grab photos of the new menu with the offerings.

A few weeks ago, we made it over to Crystal Palace for brunch and we have a fantastic review for you.

Beer and Hard Cider

Bud Light Lager (16oz Can) – $7.25

Michelob Ultra Lager (16 oz Can) – $7.75

Blue Moon Belgian White (16oz Can) – $7.75

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple (16oz Can) – $8.50


Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut – $9.00 (Glass) / $39.00 (Bottle)

Fess Parker Riesling – $9.00 (Glass) / $39.00 (Bottle)

Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc – $9.00 (Glass) / $39.00 (Bottle)

Cambria ‘Benchbreak’ Chardonnay – $11.00 (Glass) / $49.00 (Bottle)

MacMurray Estate Pinot Noir – $13.00 (Glass) / $55.00 (Bottle)

F. Coppola Diamond Collection Merlot – $10.00 (Glass) / $45.00 (Bottle)


Domaine Ste. Michelle with Orange Juice – $10.00 (Glass)


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  1. Following Epcot footsteps. Don’t really add enough new attractions for the needs of their customers, crowds and lines increase as staffing decreases which makes guests cranky, answer….make money selling them BOOZE!

  2. Of course they did because $Money$
    how long before they sell alcoholic beverages while in line for rides.
    Read head Fireball and Cider
    Gaston’s Jeger Shots

    1. GREAT POINT Captain Obvious. They are a business. They are doing it for $. The real question is why now?

      1. Because Disney used to care a little, like 2% about guest experience, and long term loyalty. Now, they do not care at all. It’s 100% money. Safety never matters, only public relations, and money.

        1. Your comment about Disney not caring is naive and silly. They are a business. Disney makes $ by caring about the customer experience. You cannot name even one business anywhere that cares more about the customer service than Disney. That doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to make $ a these things aren’t mutually exclusive.

        2. If you stop going to frisbee because they sell alcohol , you are a dweeb

    2. They probably did it because Dining Plan now comes with one alcoholic beverage.

    3. Oh who cares?! Other than the pearl clutchers with delicate sensibilities, no one.

  3. I understand that with the dining plan you can now get alcoholic drinks, but I do not believe this is a restaurant that should be participating in that. The Crystal Palace is a place that is always full of kids, and I fear some inconsiderate adult my get stupid with those type of beverages available. Also it may keep people from booking there. Which would be a shame as the character interaction with the kids is really fun to watch there.

    1. Alcohol sales happen all day every day in front of children in almost everywhere else on property and things are fine. Calm down.

      1. Omg I saw a person buy alcohol in the hotel gift shop it was horrific. I also went to this cool place where my kids could meet Ana and Elsa but someone had a bud light in their hands so we had to leave

    2. So you’re saying you like to go to restaurants and watch children? Why don’t you take a seat.

  4. A mimosa would pair well with my sugary french toast from the kids station at breakfast. Just say’n Disney. Make it happen!!

  5. This is a total non-issue. It’s not like they are selling red solo cups and it’s all you can drink from the kegs set up at the drink station. Yes, Disney World has a lot of kids there, but there are a LOT of adults too, and sometimes after dealing with nutso kids all day an adult needs a drink to relax the nerves a bit. I am totally OK with this. PS.. they offer alcoholic beverages at Chef Mickey’s, which is a character dining experience.

  6. My husband and I got engaged at MK at Cinderella’s Royal Table. We got an apple cider toast in champagne flutes. Glad they have alcohol in the MK. Maybe newly engaged couples can celebrate with a real champagne toast. Apple cider does make for a funny story though.

  7. I know they had alcohol (beer and wine) already at Cinderella’s Royal Table because I had some there when I went in March, I think they had it at Be Our Guest as well. Tony’s Town Square has alcohol when we ate there back in early-2016 as well. I don’t think it’s necessarily a new thing they are unrolling all at once. I suppose they feel if it didn’t go poorly unrolling at some, maybe it won’t be so bad unrolling it at a few more now.

  8. It’s about time.
    The Antiquated no alcohol policy has needed to be shelved for decades.

    Make that easy money Disney.
    You’ll definitely get some more of mine now.

  9. I don’t care if alcohol is available in the parks as I don’t drink and even if I did would probably never buy it at Disney. But I do find it funny how much the company banks on all these things that Walt was vehemently and very publicly against. He would get angry every time someone suggested they could make money by selling alcohol, for him it was a statement that it had no place at Disneyland.

    The other thing he was 100% against was sequels. Would be interesting to see his thoughts on Disney’s film strategy the past 20 years.

    1. Except for the fact that alcohol was sold at Disneyland from day 1 inside Club 33. Stop spreading lies.

  10. Another step away from the core values which made Walt Disney World. It is only the beginning and it will evolve into more and more. When it started at one Restaurant , I said it will soon be all… Look at history and learn as it repeats; Epcot was the first “exception” to the no alcohol core value…. It was permitted in the World Showcase because Disney wanted to create the experience of being in the different countries, andFrance was best known for Wine… Germany for Beer, England famous for Pubs, and Mexico for Tequila…. It was ONLY to be allowed inside the Restaurants, and look at it today. Open air stands selling alcohol all around the World Showcase… Guests walking around with alcoholic drinks in their hand instead of holding the hand of their child. This is the evolution which could happen at the Magic Kingdom…. time will tell, and there is no turning back.

        1. Even the Lord Himself had wine at the Last Supper.
          Judge not lest ye be judged, Randy.

          1. An interesting quote Steve… EVERYONE WILL be Judged…. People MISTAKENLY interpret the quote, “judge not lest ye be judged” as to FEAR being “judged” yourself…. No one should FEAR being JUDGED… Certainly not I. No one is perfect Steve; not I and not you…. Yet to speak nothing when you believe something is wrong, is to do a “disservice” to those who you could have helped, as they stray from grace…. Each person has free will to choose their path… that is part of why we were given the gift of life… it is a learning experience, and those who get it will evolve, while those who do not get it, sadly, were given the chance and missed it. Reach out your hand to those who you believe have strayed and need your help… Fear not to be “judged” for your efforts; for those efforts are made with the hope of saving someone’s soul.

          2. I guess concerning our friend Randy, “Holier than thou” was the quote I was looking for. LOL

          3. Thank you Steve…. I do my best! You may kneel and kiss my ring, as I knight you in service for the Lord. Arise Sir Steven, and fight for the salvation of souls.

          4. Thank you! Now I am entitled to share my rum infused Dole-Whip with Jesus while riding the teacups! LOL We all know he judges less harshly than you.

          5. See the events during the Parade today…?? Could it be that someone has been angered about all the celebration concerning alcohol…? The Dark Side… and Dragon Worship…?

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