VIDEO: Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip Replace Maleficent Float in Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade The Day After Fire

Yesterday during the 3:00PM Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, the head of the Maleficent dragon float burst into flames while passing through Liberty Square, causing the parade to end abruptly. Liberty Square and Frontierland were closed to guests while the float was moved backstage and debris was cleaned up.

Today, the Festival of Fantasy parade returned but obviously missing the Maleficent dragon float. In place of the fire-damaged dragon, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip appeared on a gazebo float repurposed from the Easter parade.

Other than pictures from yesterday, we currently have no further information as to the extent of damage from the fire and if or when the float will return.

We’ve also learned that the Maleficent dragon float in the Disneyland Paris version of the parade will not have its fire effect operating for the next several days pending an evaluation of the system and the outcome of the investigation into yesterday’s accident.

Also possibly related, the Jack-Jack fire effect in yesterday’s Pixar Play Parade at Disneyland was not operating.

Here’s a video clip from today’s 3:00PM Festival of Fantasy Parade where the Maleficent dragon float would’ve been.