CONFIRMED: New Signature Dining Location Coming to Japan Pavilion at Epcot

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The new table-service restaurant coming to Japan that we first told you about in January has now been confirmed by Disney in an internal memo to Cast Members. According to the information, the restaurant will be “offering Guests a signature dining experience inspired by the natural beauty of Japan. The restaurant’s setting will draw from both nature and takumi, which means “artisan” in Japanese, and the relationship between Japanese craftsmanship and the natural world will be evident throughout the space.”

This restaurant will be operated by Mitsukoshi USA, which is the same company that operates Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining, as well as the merchandise locations in the Japan pavilion.

“When completed, this new restaurant will add to the rich tapestry of authentic cultural experiences available to guests in World Showcase,” the document explains.

No further information about the opening date of the restaurant is available at this time, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more!

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  • Any indication as to whether this will be a completely new building or will it replace one of the existing restaurants?

  • Sweet. Very much looking forward to this. Hopefully it won’t take as long to build as the new margarita stand in Mexico!

  • More places to stand in line to spend money. Still not enough attractions. Epcot is overrun with restaurants and ‘getting drunk’ locations. They need rides. Fun. Things that aren’t just advertising points or sales spots. Japan was supposed to have Bullet Train attraction from the start. It was turned into a store, and now this. Come on Disney. You can do better than this.

    • Then stay home. No matter what they build you have people that just want to complain about it. Do ya all a favor. Stay home.

      • Same on the boards Marc. Nothing to add. Stay off. Fact is WDW has neglected Epcot for many years…except revenue centers. They only added on overlay to an existing ride to sell toys. NO new rides in years.

    • They have a ride/attraction being built right now in the France pavilion and have the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster under construction as well.

      Seems like Disney is doing just what you have asked for :-)

      • First rides besides overlay at Frozen in 20 years, I’d say not. 2 small attractions in that time for this size park, when they’ve increased rooms and attendance by 100? Come on Jnoel. Think.

        • You should check out Soarin’. It’s a great ride that opened in 2005 and then they recently overhauled it to improve the experience and add capacity.

        • Come to think of it in the past 20 years we have also seen the addition of Mission: SPACE (2003), Turtle Talk with Cruch (2004), Finding Nemo (~2007), and technically speaking Test Track (1999).

          This of course is in addition to the rotation of dozen or sow various entertainment acts they have rotated in and out over the past 20 years.

    • I also love these people that refer to absolutely ANY place or pop up service station that sells even the slightest bit of alcohol “getting drunk” or “just a place to get drunk”. Give me a break! Stay home! It is ok for adults to enjoy a few beverages while on vacation… Disney is for adults too. And I’ve been going to Epcot since 1982 and I can count on 1 hand the amount of actual “drunk” people I’ve seen.

      • You must have poor vision or perception, the parks are mostly about ‘getting drunk’ festivals. It sells and makes a ton of money, which is the ONLY point of WDW. And people DO stay home! Their attendance is down. There’s very little else to do at Epcot. It’s been neglected for decades. The 2 rides their doing now, small, and not opening for another 3 years, are about 10-20 years late and a drop of water in the ocean of WDW’s problems….they lost any semblance of guest experience, and went 100% for efficiency and money.

        • why do you even read this news site if you hate everything that’s being done. save your blood pressure and just stop reading it.

          • I was thinking the same thing. Why would people that don’t like something frequent a site and waste time bashing something they don’t like or care about. Odd behavior indeed.

        • Attendance is down but revenue is up. The average spend amount it on the rise. For better or worse, Disney is becoming more of a premium experience and food is a big part of that. For me and my family we welcome this and our culinary experiences are a big part of our vacation, and that goes for the kids as well.

    • To be fair, this probably has less to do with Disney and more to do with Mitsukoshi USA. I would imagine they are footing the bill. To add to another poster, Epcot is getting a new ride in France, a roller coaster in Future World and a very likely new experience in the U.K. Plus, if you’re going to be upset about a restaurant than I expect you’ll never go to the incredible new space themed restaurant being built. There’s a lot happening at Epcot and there are rumors of a new hotel and new offerings in Wonders of Life, Mexico, Innovations and Imagination. That’s a lot of stuff.

  • Going to WDW in December and was thinking about dining in Japan. Here’s hoping this will be open by then, (fingers crossed). BTW, on the ‘drunk’ discussion. Friends and I did a tour of World Showcase back in the early 90’s drinking a beer at every country. Suffice it to say, you can imagine our sense of balance as we reached Canada, (started at Mexico). The Goofy bus was never the same….

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