BREAKING: First Disney Skyliner Gondola Car Arrives at Walt Disney World

Disney Skyliner construction has been fast and furious over the last few months, so it isn’t very surprising that the cable cars that will ride high above Walt Disney World have started to arrive. A user on Twitter was driving around the resort, when he caught a glimpse of one of the new gondolas riding in the back of a truck.

If you look closely toward the black area on top of the gondola, you can see what looks like space themed elements (or maybe just the wrapping) so we think this might be one of the Star Wars themed gondolas.

Below are the photos they sent us.

This red gondola was spotted on the roadways around the resort yesterday. To our knowledge, this is the first one to have arrived.

Photos were sent to us by @kono_in_orlando on Twitter.

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  1. Looks like a little oven with the Florida sun, I sure hope they are air conditioned!

    1. The cabins are designed to hold up to 8 people. The picture doesn’t really capture the gondola’s actual size, but it can fit 8 people comfortably.

  2. I’d heard they are air conditioned.
    Im a bit worried about this idea of individually theming them to Star Wars or Mickey and Minnie… Isnt that going to create a scenario where people are gumming up the works waiting for the Star Wars Gondola and the like?

    1. I like Star Wars but i think WDW is going a little overboard. When I go to Disney i want ro see Disney.

    2. the preliminary photos show mickey/mini and Donald/Goofy themed and I am sure the lines will flow lie all the rides at Disney Do you wait to get on one particular monorail or do you get on what ever comes…

  3. Looks like a Doppelmayr/Garaventa-made gondola…can anyone confirm the manufacturer?

    1. Those are 8-MGD D-Line cabins by CWA. Doppelmayr is the company that is making the system, while CWA is a company owned by Doppelmayr that makes the cabins.

  4. Interesting. Yes, looks small. My guess 6-8 in one car, or 4 and a wheel chair. This is gonna be scary as hell during hurricane season. Guess they will have a lot of down time due to weather.

  5. They are designed to hold 10 passengers each. Well Disney could reduce the number to like 8 passengers for more space if needed.

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