Gaumont Cinema at Disney Village in Paris Opens First 4DX Experience

Recently, the Gaumont Cinema in Disney Village at Diseyland Paris opened a new experience. Guests can now watch blockbuster films on a special screen with 4DX technology. This technology allows guests to experience a motion picture augmented with environmental effects, like set motion, wind, water, fog, lights, and scents when the film is displayed. These theaters are technologically very impressive and need to be specially designed, so not many theaters offer this experience.

Seeing a film in 4DX is comparable to theme park experiences like Captain EO and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience!. Only, 4DX is much more technologically impressive because the experience lasts for a whole blockbuster, around two hours.

Logo 4DX

The only films that are now available with this technology at Disney Village are Solo: A Star Wars Story and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. These films are dubbed in French. A ticket for these viewings costs €19.90 (around $23.5) without an additional cost of €1 for the 3D glasses.

Let’s hope the Gaumont Cinema soon starts to add English 4DX viewings, so the international audience can also experience this technologically advanced motion picture viewings.