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Walt Disney World Passholders to Gain Exclusive Access to Toy Story Land in September

Passholders Will Gain Exclusive Access to Toy Story Land in September

Passholders will gain exclusive access to Toy Story Land in September and will be able to take advantage of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Attendees will get access to the 2 new attractions and Toy Story Mania. Plus, guests will also be able to enjoy tasty snacks over at Woody’s Lunch Box.

Registration for this event will open in the coming weeks and we will notify you as soon as it does. Eligible Passholders may register themselves and 1 Guest.

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Toy Story Land officially opens on June 30th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and will include 2 new attractions – Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers – plus the fan favorite Toy Story Mania. Guests will also be able to dig into tasty treats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Woody’s Lunch Box.

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  1. This is Uniquely different, In the past they used to do the AP Access before the land was opened to the general public. So many questions, ok when they do this “Exclusive Access” will they close the land for the general public? Seems to be a logistics nightmare

  2. I’m not sure I understand. Is this going to be an after-hours type of thing? What is your source? Inquiring passholders want to know!

  3. A leaked screen shot this morning indicated that this event would only be open to Gold Pass and above

  4. How would something like this work for a family with multiple passes? We have 5 passes, do we each register for access?

    1. As long as you’re all connected via My Disney Experience, only 3 of you would have to register and 2 of you would bring a +1. Additionally, you can register all 5 and have an additional +5.

  5. Yeah! But how in the world are they going to do this? Looking forward to hearing more

  6. Yeah but how are they going to do it? Looking forward to hearing more

    1. Yeah? But how in the earth are they going to do that? Looking forward to hearing more

  7. Unfair for Disney to announce a new land opening in June just to turn around and close it for an entire month!!!

    (Or is this another poorly edited headline on WDW News Today?)

    1. It’s probably just one weekend and for a few hours each day. That’s how it was for pandora. You could only sign up for a two hour block. The spots were gone in no time so many passholders couldn’t go. It could also be early morning or after hours. They wouldn’t close it off to the public all day they would lose way too much money.

        1. Hell we never even got an email about it… we have a10 day stay at Fort Wilderness in September so that would have been useful for t byem to share…

    1. Just got the email and it says select dates and times. It shouldn’t affect your trip!

  8. Just got an email. It is for Gold and up. Select days and times. Silver gets their blackout dates lifted for few weeks from June 8th to June 29th.

    1. Folks who just recieved the emails, Were ya’ll able to register and select your days???

  9. So as a Silver Pass holder we could potentially not get to go to TSL in Sept??!!! We already have a trip planned for our oldest daughter for her 12th bday in Sept. All reservations made! Lifting the June blackouts means nothing to us since we don’t go during that time because it’s too hot and crowded. Very disappointed in this!

  10. Jose, Can you send us an alert when the Online registration is a go? even though i have signed up for AP alerts, i dont get them in my email or Spam. But i do get WDWNT alerts promptly.

  11. Not for Silver passholders…that’s not right, very disappointed. Thanks Disney!

  12. Have the Sept Passholder dates been set yet??
    I can’t seem to find anything specfic.

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