PHOTOS: New Princess, Pirates, Incredibles, Pixar Phone Cases Available Now at Magic Kingdom

In Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom, you will find the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co, better known as the “Space Mountain shop”. Inside of this shop, there are multiple D-Tech On Demand kiosks to help you customize phone cases and MagicBands. Brand new to the ever-changing lineup of choices are some very cute princess, Pirates, Pixar, and Incredibles designs.

These look very Pixar Fest-y to us.

Brand new Redd phone case. You know, Redd, right? The new pirate that joined Pirates of the Caribbean?

Four great Incredibles designs!

And a BUNCH of princess designs. These have a 3-D effect with a translucent background showing off the back of your phone.

Oh, there’s also a second batch of Princess phone cases that was released. These don’t feature the 3-D effect, however.


And, not to be outdone, there’s an Angel phone case.


There’s also two new pieces of Incredible Tomorrowland Expo merchandise in D-Tech On Demand.