PHOTOS: Riviera Resort Construction At Caribbean Beach Resort 6/5/2018

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The Riviera Resort construction is chugging along. It’s been a while since we last visited, so we felt a visit was needed. At this point they’ve begun to frame some of the lower levels and are outlining the top of the building with unique accents.


Tower Enclosure

Some of the lower stories are starting to be weatherproofed and enclosed. This is a landmark for the construction as the teams can begin forming the guest rooms now.


Odds and Ends

We finally have a good view of the retaining wall that holds back the lake from the interior courtyard of Riviera. While we don’t know exactly what will be in this courtyard, we’re guessing a large pool will reside close to this area.


The fire escape stairwells are being attached to the side of the building, one at the end of each wing.

There’s a slanted piece of concrete on the east side of the building. We assume it’s for aesthetic and design, not a construction failure.