PHOTOS: Skyliner Pillars Installed Feet Away From Guest Rooms, Station Takes Shape at Caribbean Beach Resort

It’s been quite a while since we stopped by Caribbean Beach to check on the Disney Skyliner construction. You may recall that the Disney Skyliner is going to carry guests OVER Caribbean Beach Resort. I mean, right over guest rooms. They’re really close to rooms; so close you would mistake the support columns for palm trees if they weren’t metal. Besides the crazy pillars, we’re finally seeing the Caribbean Beach station take shape. Check out the photos below from 6/5/2018.

The Skyliner Mother Station

The Caribbean Beach station will have three connecting points of the Disney Skyliner. There’s a line that runs from Pop Century/Art of Animation to here, there’s a line that runs from Disney’s Hollywood Studios to here, and a third that connects to Riviera Resort and finally Epcot.

You can see the top taking shape, as the typical A frame slanted roofs will mirror the rest of Caribbean Beach’s look.

Running wheels have been installed on the connecting piece for Pop Century/Art of Animation. This portion of the building is only about a week behind Hollywood Studios main entrance station.

Over The Rooms and Through the Woods

Venturing around the resort we found Skyliner pillars scattered around the Jamaica section. They’re enormous, tall, and literally next to guest rooms. Not only are these pillars next to guest rooms, but this also confirms the previous concept art (displayed below) that the Skyliner will LITERALLY transport guests above these rooms. When completed this will certainly be interesting.

This picture was taken right outside a guest room window. Great view.

These around the guest room buildings are significantly taller than the other Skyliner pillars. Good thing, I don’t want random people peering in my window from above.

Yup, it’s RIGHT THERE.

Fortunately there’s no windows on that side of the building, but still it’s extremely close.

We’ll keep a watch on the progress at Caribbean Beach, as there’s still plenty of work to be done.



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