PHOTOS: World of Disney at Downtown Disney Anaheim Reopens with New Design

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World of Disney over at Downtown Disney in Anaheim opened today the first phase of refurbishment with a brand new redesign featuring a more industrial look and feel. This new design is very reminiscent of the design style at Disney Springs in Florida if you’ve had a chance to visit. 

Below we have photos showing off some of the new open design featured at World of Disney. Overall the feel and look of the store is now very clean and open, saying goodbye to that 90’s and early 2000’s feel that the old store had.

The second phase should be complete by Fall 2018 completing the new redesign of World of Disney.

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  • Well, it’s nice and all, but it looks like every other store that’s been built/rehabbed lately. Doesn’t exactly scream “Disney,” and may be trying to be too modern, which Disney never does well.

  • Looks like any Starbucks, at least the old character scenes were unique and different from other stores. I think people are more likely to make impluse purchases in a fun moving store then a buttoned up consertive store. Disney misses again they should had went retro steampunk or even 60s tomorrowland. Having a store that looks just like other stores is boring and hurts the brand

  • Looks to me like they were trying to go with Disney’s Burbank studio feel that was built in the 30’s. Arts & Crafts meets modern but it doesn’t look very “magical”. When the Studio was planning the Team Disney building then CEO Michael Eisner told the architect it looked like a bank and to “lighten up”. Looks like the imagineers should have followed the same advice.

  • Disney seems to be trying to copy what is currently trending in retail which I think is a mistake because what is going to get me interested enough to shop in a store with the same or similar Disney merchandise I could have ordered on amazon or at walmart, Target or The Disney Store? The World of Disney Store in WDW has been a destination for many tourists because it has the widest selection of merchandise but also each room had its own theme and was a way to help guests navigate and find each other.lets all meet in the Villains room, or the Alice in Wonderland (evolved to General Princess and most recently I don’t know kids clothes?). There is a disconnect between store designers and the merchandise staff and if they have one , the creative people who design and set up the displays. One of those three at very least needs to stand out and get guests attention. If they simply want to make a generic store so the merchandise people can just move things around however they think will sell more merchandise. If they have a creative display person they allow to do their job well they are the last resort. I worked in the Emporium for over a year several years ago and there were strange rules how things had to be displayed and I thought it was a waste of time and effort. They would require all the stuffed animals to be sitting the same way with their hands tucked between their feet and looking forward because thats how you could maximize the space and fit the most on it . but I thought it looked sad like they were being restrained and as soon as someone moved one you would notice the out of line one right away or the empty spot. if they had a little variation at least it would look like mickey was enjoying himself. The other rule was all the T-shirts had to be folded so the eyes of the character on the shirt would match up with the fold so when on the shelf you could see all the eyes. I found that really creepy and OCD. Especially when its busy and its a challenge just keeping them off the floor. But as creative I know that you have to create something that is interesting enough to get your attention, peak your interest enough to make you want to get a closer look and if it connects with the person on some level (nostalgia works well) they will want to buy it. Because it makes them happy. Going generic makes sense but without those Disney creative magical touches its just another store to skip to get home faster.

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