REVIEW: Guardians Awesome Mix Live Rockets-In Awesome Snacks to Fife & Drum Tavern at Epcot

Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Live! started this past week at Epcot. The electric show brings classic songs from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies to life through a life band and a stellar performance including Star Lord and Gamora. You can check out a video of the entire show here. In addition to the awesome show, there’s awesome treats available at Fife & Drum Tavern just outside of The American Adventure.


Galaxy Cupcake – $5.75

This is a standard chocolate cupcake with a lot of colorful icing on top. There’s nothing crazy special about this cupcake, other than it’ll look great on your Instagram, but it’s a solid safe choice for those not wanting to partake in say a Mermaid Cupcake.

Awesome Mix Slushy – $7.75

This slushy is comprised of layers of lemonade, blue raspberry, and strawberry. The reason for the high price tag is a glow cube that’s resting somewhere at the center of this non-translucent mixture. Who though a glow cube in the middle of a slushy during the hottest summer months at Epcot was a good idea? Anyway, the slushy is tart and refreshing, as all slushies should be.

I Am Float Root Beer – $5.25

Root beer floats are awesome. Adding whipped cream on top and then a mint leaf to give it that Groot impression is even better. This is a classic dessert, easy to enjoy and fun to eat.


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3 years ago

They missed the opportunity to call it a GRoot beer float.

Matthew Ciccone
Matthew Ciccone
3 years ago
Reply to  Shannon

I am Groot beer float