REVIEW: Liberty Tree Tavern Replaces Mac & Cheese, Ham, Introduces Pork Roast at Magic Kingdom

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Liberty Tree Tavern is a well known table service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. This restaurant is famous for “all you care to enjoy” Thanksgiving dinner (now also at lunch), with all of the accompaniments to make it feel like that special November day, minus football of course. We stopped by recently to get our fill of Tryptophan and check out dinner for the first time in a few months.

Check out those DRAFT beers available. We talked about draft beer finally being available at Magic Kingdom a few weeks ago, it’s nice to see more choices here at Liberty Tree Tavern.

As always, a great meal starts with Parker House rolls.

Declaration Salad – Tossed Mixed Greens with House-made Dressing

A typical Disney salad: crisp at the right moments with a little too much dressing, not that that’s a complaint. Don’t fill up though, the meats have yet to come.

Patriot’s Platter – Roasted Turkey Breast, Pot Roast, and Carved Pork Roast with Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Herb Stuffing, and House-Made Mac & Cheese.

Here’s the goods and the reason we’re here. It’s literally Thanksgiving on a plate, and if you ask nicely they’ll even bring you some cranberry sauce. The turkey is practically perfect for what it is, nice and moist with a great skin that’s almost as good as mom’s (maybe better than mom’s depending where you come from). The pot roast is still the undisputed champion here. This restaurant knows and understands how to make a great pot roast that’s well marinated and super tender.

Make sure to eat your greens, and mashed potatoes. They’re real mashed potatoes, not from a box.

A guest favorite was always the mac and cheese, but for some reason, they recently decided to change it to something that looks more appealing perhaps, but lacks the bold flavor of the old. This is a definite downgrade as it just tasted like a lightly dressed pasta rather than macaroni and cheese.

The pork roast is also brand new to the menu, bringing a really great alternative to the previous sliced ham. I’m not certain that this is an improvement, perhaps a lateral move at least. I wasn’t a fan of the ham, but I wasn’t clamoring for more of this particular offering either. It was salty, greasy, and a little fatty.

Dessert – Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake – Vanilla Cake with a Gooey Toffee Filling, Caramel Sauce, and Vanilla Ice Cream

The end-all, be-all dessert at Magic Kingdom (and in many opinions at any Disney restaurant on earth). This is sweet and satisfying, cold and warm, and just absolutely everything you could ever want in a dessert. A tried and true recipe that’s been here forever. It’s also now available at the after fireworks dessert party in the park. Save room, trust us.


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  • It’s incredible how much Liberty Tree costs when you can get the same, better food for only about $8 at Amish restaurants all over Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana!!

  • For the amount of money Disney charges, you could go to those states, have dinner and still have money left over rather than buying admission to the park, eating at overpriced restaurants, and buying overpriced souvenirs!

    • Super simple, then. Go to to the states you mention, have dinner there, and don’t go to the parks.

      It’s a free country. Nobody’s forcing you to buy theme park tickets.

      Why do bitter, angry people like you always feel the need to spread your venom? No one is making you go to theme parks.

      Some people like to spend their money at theme parks, enjoy doing so, have a fabulous time, and don’t need to be lectured by bitter Internet twits like you.

      Have a nice day being furious all the time about how other people are having fun, unlike you, and good luck with your miserable existence.

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