PHOTOS: Draft Beer Now Available For the First Time at The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

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A few weeks ago, The Crystal Palace and The Plaza Restaurant added numerous choices for alcohol to their menu, including beers and wines. Prior to this, every other table service restaurant in the kingdom already offered alcoholic beverages, and these two were the final ones to get the cans and bottles approach. Everything seemed to be settling down with the alcohol choices in Magic Kingdom until now.

On May 23rd, 2018, The Diamond Horseshoe premiered a brand new menu for lunch and dinner. You can read our full review here. This menu change prompted the addition of a draft beer system serving up three different beers.

  • Michelob Ultra – $7.00
  • Samuel Adams Seasonal – $8.25
  • Yuengling Lager – $7.00

The Samuel Adams Seasonal is available on draft right next door at Liberty Tree Tavern as well.

This draft system marks the first time that a Magic Kingdom restaurant has installed one; each restaurant before resorted to using cans and bottles in lieu of the draft system. Will other locations install drafts next? “Which other locations are already in the process of installing them?”, might be a better question. We’ll certainly find out soon. Draft beer is historically cheaper to the business and consumer, but it might be kind of weird to see kegs being rolled around down in the Utilidor.