REVIEW: Magic Kingdom’s Diamond Horseshoe Polishes Up New Lunch Entrees

The Diamond Horseshoe is a table service restaurant at The Magic Kingdom. In 2016, after sitting vacant for many years, the Diamond Horseshoe finally began a nearly permanent dinner service. We reviewed dinner shortly after the premiere back then and it wasn’t good. Everything was pretty meh, which was disappointing knowing they share a kitchen with Skipper Canteen and Liberty Tree Tavern which are both spectacular. Last week the Disney Parks Blog revealed that a new menu was coming to Diamond Horseshoe, including A La Carte items. This was originally set to premiere on May 16th, but was pushed back to May 23rd. We ventured over on Wednesday to experience the new menu items. Please note, that even though the official Disney Parks Blog article doesn’t say these menu items are lunch only, they are indeed LUNCH ONLY.


Prairie Slushy – A Refreshing Combination of Frozen Watermelon and Lemonade – $6

Not much has changed since our original review of the slushy: Very sweet, sugary, and a little overpriced.


Western Sangria – $9.50

Our server said this sangria was really good and had a nice kick of cinnamon, which is why they gave it the name ‘western’. She wasn’t joking, there’s plenty of cinnamon to be found in the great red blend. Refreshing, although maybe not $9.50 refreshing.


BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich – with Mac and Cheese and Crispy Onions on a Brioche Bun – $17.00

All entrees are served with a few corn fritters and one side from The Fix ‘Ins list. We opted for Corn on the Cob as a side which was a fantastic choice. Instead of one large piece you get a few small ones making for some quick nibbling. The corn fritters are filled with pimiento cheese that gives a great spicy kick; they’re fantastic. This sandwich is mostly pork with a scoop of mac and cheese on top and some fried onions. Impossibly difficult to pick-up and eat like a burger, we resorted to eating this one with fork and knife after the pile fell apart. The pork is very tender and has a great smokey flavor.


Cowboy Mac – Creamy Mac and Cheese topped with BBQ Pulled Pork and Crispy Onions – $17.00

Watermelon Salad was our side option with this entree which was fresh and flavorful, pulling nuances from the fruit and cucumber. This entree is very similar to the pulled pork sandwich, the only difference being there’s 2/3 mac and cheese and 1/3 pork, with the sandwich being the other way around. The mac and cheese is incredibly cheesy and works well with the pork and onions. Being served in a crock helps retain heat and keeps the entree warm while you scarf down seemingly endless amounts of pork and pasta.



Carved Beef Brisket Chuck Wagon Platter – served with Cornbread and two Fix ‘Ins – $22.00

Since this is already served with the cornbread and jalapeno butter, we got more corn on the cob and the potato salad. There’s a LOT of meat on this plate, enough for our table of three to each have a piece with ample left behind for someone else to make a full meal. The cornbread was par for the course, nothing special like Trail’s End and not horrible like Cosmic Ray’s, but the jalapeno butter took it to the next level; it’s absolutely wonderful. The brisket was tender and cooked properly, and served with a side of either hot or sweet barbecue sauce which amplified the smoked flavor. We’re fans of potato salad, and this version was made with a sprinkle of ground chili powder giving a nice kick.


Buttermilk Chocolate Cake with Bourbon Caramel Sauce – $7.00

Not the most exciting sweet, but expect a moist chocolate cake with a tasty caramel sauce on the exterior. A relatively safe choice for dessert.


Peaches and Cream Cheesecake with crisp Streusel topping – $7.00

Not really cheesecake, but all of the ingredients shoved into a little jar. Don’t let that stop you though, this is fantastically tart and fresh. The peaches are ripe and have the proper amount of tartness to compliment the cheesecake filling. Absolutely recommended.


Seasonal Berry Cobbler – Berry with a Lemon-Mint Whipped Cream – $7.00

We weren’t initially sold on the lemon-mint whipped cream, but it’s really good and compliments the cobbler well. A very solid dessert that feels like a classic dish.



Despite the inaccuracy on exactly when the new menu debuted, and the confusion resulting from the Disney Parks Blog not providing the rather important detail that the new menu is for lunch only, the food was worth the wait and hassle.

There’s a much better chef in charge of Diamond Horseshoe now who knows the location and wants to advance the name among the growing list of Magic Kingdom eateries. We recommend giving lunch a try ordering from this new a la carte menu; it’s a good change from the typical Magic Kingdom fare.

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  1. The Disney Parks Blog comments specifically say this new menu is for both lunch and dinner.

    1. We went for dinner as well and they informed us they do not offer the menu during the dinner. We spoke to the chef and managers who confirmed it.

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