REVIEW: Diamond Horseshoe Begins Table Service Dining; Quite Possibly the Worst Disney Restaurant Ever

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On March 13th, the Diamond Horseshoe in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom began a table service dining offering. For $33.00 for adults and $19.00 each for children ages 3-9 (plus tax), guests can enjoy all-you-care-to eat portions.



Pick one, but you can get more of anything and everything anyway.


There is no live entertainment offered, just music playing from the machine on stage.


The location offers one unique drink offering for $5.50 extra, a “prairie punch” which is a frozen watermelon lemonade. It was way too sweet, not very good.


The upstairs is sadly not being used, but there is about 100 seats downstairs in use.


The tableware matches those found at Liberty Tree Tavern and Skipper Canteens since the kitchen is being shared for this venue as well.

To start, the table is brought cornbread and a “frontier salad”…


I actually really enjoyed the salad with the cornbread croutons, the dressing had a nice kick to it as well.


You can’t beat cornbread, but this was not as good or as fresh as it is at say Trail’s End or Boatwright’s.

Then there is the entrees…


The turkey was the best of the entrees, but it still wasn’t all that good. Its placed on top of cornbread, but it did little to enhance the flavor.


I liked the ham even though it was over-salted, but the beans were not all that tasty.


The beef was quite possibly the worst entree I’ve ever had in a theme park (outside of Lombard’s at Universal probably). I wish I could more adequately describe how bad it was, but I’m not even sure what it tasted like. The mashed potatoes were fine, just nothing special.

For dessert, they offer a brownie and an apple tart with Craisins…


This was OK, but nothing extraordinary about it.


The brownies were horrendous. They had been sitting out for a while, but there was almost zero taste. It was like eating moist cardboard.

If you couldn’t tell by this review, Diamond Horseshoe is bad, very bad. Under no circumstances should you waste your time and/or money here. You will be much better off indulging in the new menu nearby at Pecos Bill’s or even eating the mediocre BBQ sandwiches from Tortuga Tavern. Luckily, this offering is temporary and concludes May 30th, but honestly, the effort to make this worth any amount of money was minimal. It’s pretty much all-you-care-to-eat counter service swill.

Most of the food was cold, none of the entrees were very good, and the specialty drink was just awful. Outside of the exceptional service from the wait staff, this was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had.

This is only being used to handle the abundance of guests who need to eat in the park during this busier season, but if they ever plan to bring this back, I would hope they revamp the menu.


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  • The apple tarts are probably leftovers from Liberty Tree’s dinner the night before, that’s what they serve for dessert now instead of the Johnny Appleseed Cake. It’s now Johnny Appleseed Tart

    • I ate there tonight and it was good and the servers was great , they have open three days , if you like something talk to the manger .

  • You know, none of that might be AWFUL if they didn’t just stick a stupid player piano up on stage and have it sit there. Disney is THAT CHEAP that they will re-open a restaurant *that already has a stage* and not offer at least a small live show? Thirty-three bucks for this cheap money-grab. And what’s worse, people PAY it. Disney will never change, never get better, unless its fans start insisting, but so far they just keep saying, “Please, sir, may I have another?”

  • I remember when there was a live show here. Singing & dancing old west style with Pecos Bill, I think…spitting teeth.

  • Did you talk to anyone there about this horrible experience you had? Seems a whole lot easier to sit at the computer and complain instead of actually saying something… to try to fix it.

    Haven’t been yet, but the stage show needs to come back to make it worth the $!

    • Hello Julian ! Everybody knows that complaining at the spot is only producing a flow of excuse words, NO other dish, because all there IS in the kitchen, is the limited pre-prepared industrial stuff. There is no “chef”, there is no stock of fresh ingredients, there is only a “warm-up-and-check-servings” manager…

  • The pictures looked great!!! It is another restaurant to relieve the others in the park. I sure if Disney made it, it is probably good. If they add a show lets say then it will no longer be $30 it will more like $60 so be careful of what you wish for.

  • This is for the plenty out there that like boring safe mediocre food. That leaves more room at the good eats for the rest of us.

    What is complaining gonna do? Not like they will change the whole menu because a few people cringed. The best way for WDW to know it’s not desired is when people stop going. But that won’t happen, as it’s an over-flow market.

  • I tried this today regrettably staff was horrible and better suited for haunted mansion. Dessert was cardboard. The meat was only thing decent. Nancy seemed put out I asked from a to go cup from my waiter.

  • I am happy to report my family ate her 3 days ago (January 28, 2017) at 12:00 noon, it was our last sit down lunch before heading to the airport. We ate at noon and there was only one other full table there when we walked in. By the time we finished the place was packed. There were 2 managers on duty both of them came to our table one at the beginning and one at the end of the meal to see how things were. I truly wish we had tried it earlier in the trip, we would have eaten there more than once. It was hands down our best meal the entire trip. The menu is definitely different than listed in this post but then again we were there for lunch. WE had excellent service, which started with drinks and fresh warm cornbread served with the sweetest whipped butter I had ever had, then a very nice salad with an amazing chipotle ranch dressing. I didn’t want to keep eating bread and salad but I couldn’t stop. Then they delivered a giant skillet overflowing with BBQ pulled pork, sausages, pot roast and some of the freshest carved turkey I ever had. In the center of the skillet was a bowl of beans. These were the only disappointment, they tasted like standard pork n beans from a can. They could def have added some brown sugar and some others ingredients to make them more like baked beans. The dessert was a campfire brownie that had a graham cracker crust, on top of that was a brownie and on top of the brownie was melted dollops of marshmallows. It was like a smore or campfire brownie. The brownie was very dry so I passed. All in all we were very pleased with the service, managers, food and the charming player piano on the stage. The restaurant interior is absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend it. It will now be on our must do list for sit down meals going forward as a family favorite.

  • I have pics of the food if anyone cares to see them just comment and if I can figure out how to add them id be happy to share them.

  • I remember quality dishes in MK verywhere … even the simplest choices were FRESH and tastefull….. When ?? 1973-1976 …..
    Disney does not care anymore, about nobody. But they have a stonger then ever blasting marketing machine to indoctrinate with the public they are the best !
    It’s history. They WERE the best, 3 decades ago….
    (Same with shopping, souvenirs. In that era, you could find UNIQUE gifts in most UNIQUE shops, from which a great deal were selected handcrafted (!!!) objects from around the USA, and the world. NOT the nowadays “everywhere-the-same-pile-of-made-in-China” stuff )
    But… how about the customers ? They seem to eat the uninspired and tasteless industrial food, they seem to buy the at random Chinese sweatshop merchandising…. it’s the customer base who allows all of the crap happening !

  • Wish I had seen these bad reviews before we had dinner there…. terrible food, very disappointed and It was very expensive for heated up bad BBQ food.

    However, our server was lovely and very attentive.

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