REVIEW: Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge Spices-Up Lunch With New Entrees, What’s Bunny Chow?

Sanaa is a table service restaurant located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. This location started off as a hidden gem and in recent years has gained a cult following. Known for blending Indian spices with African cooking, Sanaa continuously exceeds dining expectations and encourages return visits to try more of the amazing menu. Oh, and their bread service. The Sanaa bread service is one of the best appetizers at Walt Disney World, if not the best. We saw that Sanaa changed-up their lunch entrees and stopped in recently.


Indian-Style Bread Service – All Nine Accompaniments – $16.00

Here it is, in all its glory. If you run out of bread before sauces and spreads you can order individual pieces for a small price. The sauces range from mild to supremely spicy. There’s garlic, hummus, peppers, and everything in-between. We’re personal fans of the Tamarin sauce, which is similar to a barbecue sauce but with a distinct Indian spice attached. We told you a few weeks ago you can actually purchase the bread service wooden board in the gift shop at Kidani Village, it comes with recipe cards for all the sauces and breads.


Quinoa Vegetable Taboulle Salad – Quinoa, Black Rice, Vegetables, Herbs, Paneer, Citrus Dressing, and Papadum – $14.00

A light, refreshing, and airy salad. The quinoa fad seems to have died down, but it really works well to bring an extra layer to the salad. Papadum bread on the side is fantastic and gives you the ability to scoop some of the salad onto the papadum, they’re very similar to pita chips almost. For the cost it’s a very unique salad that will fill you up for a great day in the parks.


Kenya Coffee Barbecue Bunny Chow – Pulled Pork with Root Vegetable Slaw in a Bread Bowl – $16.00

They literally mean bread bowl with this one. This entree replaces the past pulled pork sandwich. While the pork has remained the same, the presentation has changed drastically. This is a really fun approach to a seemingly tame dish, the root vegetables add just enough crunch to the pork to keep the entree going. The bread bowl is fantastic and soaks up the barbecue sauce dripping from the pulled pork. We don’t think there’s any bunny in this, or any bunny that would eat this dish, but it’s certainly good and we definitely recommend chomping down on this one.


Overall, Sanaa lunch continues to impress. As long as the entrees are great and the bread service keeps flowing, we’ll be back. You should check out Sanaa if you never have. It’s a little bit out of the way, but the food quality is well worth the trek.

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  1. Had this last trip.

    Bread bowl is terrible, like they took a loaf of bread from the store cut a cub and then scooped some out …. and the bread wasnt very good to start with.

    Pork was great … but the “bread bowl”, just no.

  2. Like the look of the food. The pieces of bread, papadums, dips, roti and the colour. Yummo. Been cooking a lot of Indian at home too. Roti is tough to make though, just no way of doing that. The chutneys I get from the market and papadums I cook on the Papadum Express cooking tray. That is my best go-to kitchen utility for Indian. Keep the Indian pics coming. Inspiring.

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