RUMOR: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Have Realistic Blasters Used by Characters

A recent patent published by Disney shows that they have figured out how to mimic a Star Wars style blaster firing in the daylight. This patent would be useful for the characters in Galaxy’s Edge to have for added immersion in the Star Wars-themed land.

We know that Galaxy’s Edge will have walk around characters, but will these characters have impromptu “blaster showdowns” in the streets? Or will this technology be used for a stage show in the land like Jedi Training Academy?

It’s hard to tell this far from the opening of the land, but this¬†description in the patent seems to point to the possibility of a stage show:

In the entertainment industry, there are many settings or venues where it is desirable to provide entertainment in an outdoor setting or venue… Theme parks may have outdoor worlds in which parades and shows may be provided to entertain each park’s guests.

For example, there are many theatrical plays and shows where weapon-based battles or conflicts are recreated by actors for a crowd, and, in such settings, the actors may carry props that simulate historical weapons or guns, existing weapons, or even futuristic weapons. In some cases, the live theatrical performance is attempting to recreate a scene from a movie in which prop weapons are fired resulting in explosions and flashes (muzzle flashes) of volumetric light that comes out of the muzzle of the prop weapon with each firing.

Another application for this patent could be for the Battle Escape attraction if there are bright scenes in the ride that need to portray the firing of the blaster(s).

Whatever it ends up being, it will be interesting to see how this new technology affects the immersion and entertainment value in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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