“Solo: A Star Wars Story” Comes In First At The Box Office This Weekend; “Avengers: Infinity War” Getting Closer To $2 Billion

Good news is Solo: A Star Wars Story is still number one at the box office. Bad news is Solo dropped 65% since last weekend. Unfortunately for Disney and Lucasfilm, good word of mouth did not help the movie at the box office. Solo will go down in history as a financial failure. It’s still a decent movie, it just hasn’t captured the audience it should have. So fans of this movie can probably forget about a Solo 2 ever happening in the future.

Solo made an estimated $29 million domestically this weekend, bringing it’s domestic total to $149 million. Overseas, Solo brought in $30 million, bringing it’s global total to $115 million. And when you put these two totals together, you have a worldwide total of $264 million. Yuck.

And “Avengers: Infinity War” just keeps on a rolling! Hopefully Infinity War will get to the somewhat obtainable $2 billion mark. This movie still hasn’t opened in Japan, so hopes are pretty high that Infinity War will reach that goal. This weekend Infinity War brought in $10 million domestically, bringing it’s domestic total to $643 million. Overseas, Infinity War brought in $24 million, bring it’s international total to $1.322 billion. And the total worldwide total for Infinity War is currently $1.965 billion! Not bad at all!

Here is a list of the highest grossing movies of all time provided by Box Office Mojo:

Source: Box Office Mojo

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